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Note: This guide currently works well as a refresher before starting Central Fiction. The only Central Fiction spoilers are in the Central Fiction arcade section, which you can easily skip.

Note: I have an extremely detailed summary of Central Fiction if you want to read it. It will ruin story mode for you.

Note: I have a preview of what this site will look like after incorporating Central Fiction data. Basically every page is updated with more information. I'm not going to update the main link with these changes until December to prevent people from accidentally spoiling themselves:

I like the BlazBlue games. Even though the story was presented non-linearly, I enjoyed trying to piece it together. I thought I knew what was going on.

With the "final" game coming out soon, I decided to replay the story modes and put a BlazBlue story and lore guide together as a refresher. I had a question about something that happened and peeked at the wikia. Then I spent hours reading the entire wikia and then several forums.

I put together a guide as best I could (there's a lot of ambiguity on certain events and topics right now.) My goal was to create a clear narrative, designed to be read from start to finish, that gives a good understanding of the entire story and backstory up to the beginning of Central Fiction. It's really long, but it covers all the games, novels, manga, and other works.

This guide is not meant to cover every detail. If you want everything or want the debate the ambiguous concepts, jump into the wikia and forums. There's a lot of cool stuff there, but you've got to sort through a *ton* of information, redundant descriptions, and misinformation.

This guide is designed to be read after playing the games. Everything is a spoiler and the guide assumes you know the main characters. While the guide is coherent even if you've never played the games, it's probably not nearly as fun a read. It's currently ideal as a refresher before playing Central Fiction.

So start at the beginning and read through to the end. Hope you enjoy!

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