Timeline Part Four: Calamity Trigger

AD 2198

  • NOL bases start getting destroyed one by one. NOL declares that the culprit is a man named Ragna the Bloodedge and puts the highest bounty in history on him. Ragna's true targets are the Cauldrons. He destroys one in 9th Hierarchical City of Akitsu-Kō along with the Prime Field Device he finds there. Ragna is one of the very few people who can destroy a Cauldron because of he has an Azure Grimoire (aka, can activate BlazBlue.)
  • Noel joins NOL's 4th Division of the Praetorian Guard. She becomes Major Jin Kisaragi's secretary.
  • Makoto joins intelligence. Mai Natsume disappears.
  • Litchi Faye-Ling starts a business as a doctor in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi.

AD 2199/12/31

  • Ragna the Bloodedge appears in Kagutsuchi to destroy its Cauldron. The Kagatsuchi NOL branch is deserted because Hazama used his Azure Grimoire to sacrifice the souls of everyone in the branch to power a Monolith at the top of the Kagatsuchi's Cathedral, so Ragna easily makes his way in. The Murakumo Unit Nu is waiting at the Cauldron.
  • Kokonoe sends Iron Tager to Kagutsuchi.
  • Jin Kisaragi ignores his standby order and goes after Ragna.
  • Noel Vermillion receives an order to bring Jin Kisaragi back to Headquarters.
  • Rachel, Carl, and Hakumen independently start heading to Kagutsuchi.

AD 2199/12/31 (The Time Loop)

* NOTE: Until the final timeloop where Noel stops Ragna from falling into the Cauldron, this is the end of the time loop started in 2100. There are hundreds of iterations of this time loop. On 2199/12/31, an Intervention rewinds time back to 2099/12/31. The Intervention is either triggered directly by the Master Unit not liking the events or triggered indirectly by Takamagahara firing Take-Mikazuchi at Kagatsuchi, which causes the Master Unit to Intervene. In at least one timeline, Ragna and Nu fall into the Cauldron and become the Black Beast in 2100. *

  • The Wheel of Fortune Time Loop: The Wheel of Fortune timeline results in a timeloop. It may be the loop that leads into the final timeline. In this loop, Noel does not exist because Mu ended up dying in the Ibukido blast. Tsubaki is Jin's secretary instead of Noel. This loop ends with Tsubaki's death and Kagutsuchi being destroyed by an attack from Take-Mikazuchi. Jin, Ragna, and Nu fall into the Cauldron before the blast and are sent back in time through the Boundary to AD 2100. Ragna and Nu become the Black Beast that causes the Dark War. A crippled Jin is depressed that he caused Tsubaki's death and chooses to become Hakumen to atone for his mistakes.

AD 2199/12/31 (Escape from the Time Loop)

  • Hakumen tries to stop Ragna, but Ragna activates the Azure Grimoire and defeats him. Hakumen is eventually brought back to Sector Seven.
  • Ragna meets Nu in the Cauldron located in Kagutsuchi's basement. He can't kill Nu because they share a 'life-link' for some reason.
  • Nu tries to fuse with Ragna out of Saya’s residual feelings.
  • Takamagahara fires Take-Mikazuchi to destroy Kagatsuchi.
  • Noel learns that she is really Mu, a Prime Field Device. Noel comes to the Kagatsuchi basement and prevents Ragna from falling into the Cauldron, finally breaking the timeloop. This act also results in Noel being chosen as the Successor of the Azure and obtaining the Eye of Azure. History becomes able to escape from the Timeloop. Ragna, Jin, and Noel survive. Tsubaki never comes to the basement. Nu falls into the Cauldron alone.
  • Rachel Alucard uses her Tsukuyomi Unit to defend Kagutsuchi from Take-Mikazuchi's attack. As an Onlooker, Rachel isn't supposed to Intervene with human history, so this action costs her a lot of her power.
  • Hazama appears, says that he orchestrated everyone being here, and reveals that he hosts Terumi to Ragna and company. Hazama tricks Noel into Observing Terumi and Terumi becomes able to physically exist the world (by taking control of Hazama's body.) Ragna wants to kill Terumi for what happened at the church, but Terumi escapes.
  • Rachel begins to Observe Hakumen, allowing him to use more of his power.