Timeline Part Three: Ikaruga Civil War

* NOTE: Start “Second War of Ars Magus, the Ikaruga Civil War” *

* NOTE: This timeline primarily comes from the Material Collections, which sometimes contradict the in game libraries. *

AD 2191

  • The 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido declares independence from the NOL.
  • Five Hierarchical Cities centered around Ibukido band together as the Ikaruga Federation. The NOL does not accept their secession and starts suppression through force against the Ikaruga Federation. This initiates the start of the Ikaruga Civil War. These events were all orchestrated by Relius and Terumi.
  • Sector Seven begins work to create a Kusanagi in Ibukido.

AD 2192

  • The Ikaruga Federation expands territories, NOL declares that this is a war of invasion.
  • Saya is given the Nox Nyctores Yukianesa and told to give it to Jin. Jin reluctantly takes it from her and it enhances Jin's jealousy and generally makes him crazier.
  • Yukianesa has Jin set the church on fire and destroy the barrier around the area, allowing Terumi in. Terumi attacks. He kills Celica, cuts off Ragna’s right arm, burns down the church, and kidnaps Saya. Terumi eats the memories of this event from Jin's mind, leaving Jin only with the idea that it's Jin's destiny to kill Ragna. When Ragna wakes up alone, Rachel is there. In at least one timeline (probably the very first timeloop), she bites him to keep him alive. She gives Ragna the Remnants of the Black Beast (aka, the Azure Grimoire) so he can have the power he desires. It becomes his new right arm and right eye. The shock from this event turns Ragna's blond hair white.
  • Ragna is taken in by Jubei and begins training for revenge. He receives the clothes and sword that "Bloodedge" entrusted to Jubei in AD 2106.
  • The Kisaragi clan adopts Jin into their family. Jin is close to Tsubaki while growing up.
  • Relius gives Terumi the body of Hazama. (Hazama's background is not clearly explained, but it seems the vessel was created by Relius at the same time as the Kazuma vessel.) Hazama serves as a captain for intelligence in the NOL.
  • Relius uses Saya as model for three Murakumo Units: Lambda (No. 11), Mu (No. 12), and Nu (No. 13).

AD 2193

  • Phenomenon Weapon Dispossession Operation: The NOL discovers Nirvana. Bullet and Tager's mercenary squadron is hired by Sector Seven to help retrieve Nirvana from Naobi. Bullet doesn't participate due to injuries. Everyone but Tager ends up being wiped out by Sector Seven's berserker, Azrael. Tager makes it back to Sector Seven with heavy injuries and Kokonoe makes him into a cyborg. Bullet never hears from her squad again and dedicates her life to discovering the details of this secret mission.
  • Relius begins collaborating with Sector Seven to make a new Nox Nyctores. He directly works with Kokonoe's group, promising Kokonoe a Prime Field Device. Relius places his daughter Ada's soul into the retrieved Nirvana because he notices it's missing its power core. Kokonoe and Relius develop Artificial Phenomenon Weapons. Relius develops another doll based on Nirvana and places the soul of his wife Ignis inside.
  • Relius's collaboration with Sector Seven results in the creation of another Black Beast, which Relius explains was expected. Tager takes heavy damage fighting the beast and loses all his memories as a result. Kokonoe is barely successful in using the Infinity Gravity spell to stop the Black Beast, compressing it into a black ball of Seithr. Relius explains that those balls are cores and are what power the Nox Nyctores. Relius escapes with Nirvana, Ignis, the core, and Nu. Kokonoe ends up with only Lambda and Mu. Sector Seven takes Mu for their Kusanagi experiments.
  • Litchi Faye-Ling becomes Kokonoe's assistant. Roy Lotte Carmine, Kokonoe's other assistant, develops a close relationship with Litchi. Roy is a genius alchemist researching the Azure.
  • Jin Kisaragi enters NOL's Military Academy.

AD 2194

  • Relius gives Izanami, a being wishes for the destruction of the world, Saya's body. Relius and Terumi replace Tenjo with Saya as the Imperator.
  • (December 25) An experiment to create a Kusanagi by fusing Mu and Hazama begins in the Ibukido Cauldron. Before the experiment concludes, Takamagahara fires Take-Mikazuchi at the Cauldron. Ibukido is completely wiped out. The truth of this event is hidden and people assume it was part of the war. The experiment wouldn't have worked anyway because Mu despises Terumi.
  • A sole survivor named Noel, actually Mu with memory loss, is found in the fiery ruins of Ibukido. Noel is adopted into the Vermillion family. At some point, the Nox Nyctores Bolverk appears to her when she's attacked in the forest.

AD 2195

  • Carl Clover enters NOL's Military Academy.

AD 2196

  • The Ikaruga Federation proposes a truce, but the NOL declines. The NOL refuses to finish the war, even though there's no longer any chance that Ikaruga can win.
  • Noel has the highest Ars Magus compatibility in history. Noel Vermillion enters NOL's Military Academy, where she meets Makoto Nanaya (a demi-Human), Tsubaki Yayoi (a Duodecim heir), Carl Clover (Relius's son), Mai Natsume (a disowned Duodecim heir who was transformed into a girl by a Grimoire), Kajun (a secret Sector Seven member who reports to Kokonoe), and Jin Kisaragi.
  • Noel, Tsubaki, Makoto, Kajun, and Mai become very close friends. They discover many hidden Grimoires in the Academy, partially guided by Kajun and Mai (who unintentionally attracts Grimoires.) Over these adventures, Mai learns to accept her new identity. (Remix Heart)
  • Seifer Albar, a defected Sector Seven scientist, creates an incomplete Crimson Grimoire and hides in the Academy to complete it. Mai, Kajun, and friends stop his experiments. Hazama ends up taking the incomplete Crimson Grimoire. (Remix Heart)
  • Kagura, head of the Duodecim and commander of the NOL's forces against the Ikaruga Federation, is secretly a disciple of Tenjo. Kokonoe begins to secretly collaborate with Kagura to figure out who is manipulating the world and to prevent really bad things from happening.

AD 2197

  • Tenjo, now identified as the leader of the Ikaruga Federation, entrusts Phenomenon Weapon Phoenix: Rettenjō to Bang Shishigami. Tenjo entrusts his son, Amanohokosaka Homura, to Kagura.
  • Kokonoe orders Roy to stop his research on the Azure, but Roy secretly continues his work only with to Litchi’s help. Roy gets too close to the Azure, loses his mind, and transforms into the monster Arakune. Arakune is obsessed with trying to consume the Azure. Kokonoe can't turn Roy back, but continues to Observe him.
  • Kokonoe learns that although he's technically Sector Seven personnel, the mad dog Azrael follows the orders of someone with connections to the NOL. She and Kagura lay a trap and capture Azrael. Kokonoe keeps Azrael in a special prison in Sector Seven.
  • Jin joins the Ikaruga War.
  • Kagura works with Kokonoe to fake a severe injury so that Kagura can smuggle Homura out of Ikaruga. This results in Kagura not being around for the end of the war and in Jin taking command.
  • Bullet breaks into Sector Seven and discovers that people named Relius and Kokonoe were behind whatever happened to her unit.
  • Arakune escapes Sector Seven. Feeling responsible for what happened to Roy, Litchi Faye-Ling quits Sector Seven in order to find Arakune. Arakune preys on things in the sewers.
  • Kokonoe discovers Hakumen inside the Boundary. She begins a recovery operation. Hakumen is ultimately brought back, but with only 20% of his power. He is Observed by Kokonoe.
  • (June) Jin injures Bang and kills Lord Tenjō. Jin learns the truth behind Tenjo and the Civil War, but Terumi comes and eats his memories.
  • The suppression by NOL finally ends. The Ikaruga Civil War comes to a close.
  • Jin becomes known as the Hero of Ikaruga. He is promoted to a Major due to his achievements from the war.
  • Carl Clover obtains Nirvana and completes enhancements on it. Carl drops out of the Military Academy. His whereabouts becomes unknown.
  • Bang escapes to Kagutsuchi and takes care of the survivors of the Ikaruga War.

* NOTE: End “Second War of Ars Magus, the Ikaruga Civil War” *