Chronophantasm Digest

* Note: This is a really detailed account of everything that happened in Chronophantasm. I think the "Timeline 6: Chrono Phantasma" summary is good enough, but I wrote this up while I was playing the game and I decided to include it here. I highly suspect "Sector Seven (SS)" and "Six Heroes (SH)" actually end with Phenomenon Interventions and are alternate timelines... but I'll do my best to put try to put things in chronological order. BlazBlue can be so frustrating. *

SH 1 (Flashback to the end of the Dark War)

  • Terumi tricks Trinity into freeing him from Nine's mind control. Terumi betrays and kills Trinity and Nine by throwing them into a Cauldron. Hakumen and Jubei challenge Terumi. Jubei materializes Terumi so that Hakumen can seal Hakumen and Terumi in the Boundary.
  • Jubei feels depressed after the battle and visits the Sister (who happens to be Nine's sister.) She's a weak magician who only has healing magic, but she heals and encourages Jubei. Jubei decides to finish Nine's work. He reluctantly decides to leave Kokonoe in the city. He later brings young Ragna, Jin, and Saya to the Sister.

SS 1 (Present Day)

  • Kokonoe is arrested by the Committee, but she escapes. Azrael, who was being sealed by Kokonoe in a frozen prison, is awakened. They order him to kill Kokonoe and Tager. Azrael finds it ridiculous that the people who ordered his original capture now order him to kill the one they had capture him. He tries to kill them, but they have Ars Magus to seal his movements. They also order him to obtain the Azure Grimoire.
  • Kokonoe warns Tager that Azrael is out and tells him to go straight to Ikaruga's Yabiko.

SS 2

  • Relius checks on Litchi's work as she completes an Artificial Causality Weapon. Relius later asks Hazama for a favor.
  • Litchi stares at Arakune in a tube and remembers the meet-cute when she met Roy.
  • Bullet wakes up in the forest. She's in search of her former captain and will be arriving in Ikaruga tomorrow. She thinks Kokonoe knows his whereabouts.
  • Relius sent the liquid seithr (Arakune) to Ikaruga, infuriating Litchi. Litchi leaves for Ikaruga.
  • Kokonoe arrives in Yabiko and meets Kagura. They talk about a package Kokonoe sent over, a secret weapon. A girl in a tube who will be released today: Celica.

CP 1

  • Ragna and Tao visit the Sister's grave on the way to Ikaruga.
  • Rachel happens to be there. Ragna asks her about Kushinada's Lynchpin. Rachel doesn't have much information on it. In theory, it can separate Seithr from Magic, so could be used to destroy Terumi and the Imperator. Rachel thinks it might be hidden in the Edge, but only Noel could access it. Ragna decides he needs to find Noel.
  • The Imperator interrupts and tries to recruit Ragna. It seems Saya's body has some influence over the Imperator and wants Ragna. Ragna refuses and the Imperator injures Ragna and Rachel before leaving.
  • Taokaka and Torakaka find them. This area was apparently the first Kaka village where Jubei's brother, Munefuyu, led the clan in the Dark War. They take Ragna to go heal in a special hotspring.

CP 2

  • Makoto, Noel, and Tager head to Yabiko and meet with Kokonoe. On the way, they discuss Kaguya, an NOL Colonel who is rumored to be stronger than Jin.
  • Tsubaki has been promoted above Hazama, but it's more ceremonial than anything. After talking with Tsubaki, Hazama bumps into Litchi and tries to flirt with her. Litchi is more interested in what happens to the memories he eats. Then she leaves to find Relius.

CP 3

  • Jin reinforces that he needs to focus on helping Tsubaki. In between training, Jubei told Jin that Izayoi is the weapon prototype for the Nox Nyctores and was developed to combat Observers. Izayoi sacrifices the user's life for more strength. Supposedly, the weapon can evolve. Jubei suggests that Jin ask Hakumen for more information. Jubei tells Jin that if he wants to save Tsubaki, saving her has to be his only goal above saving the world, or else he'll regret it forever. This is advice due to Jubei's own failure with Nine.
  • Kagura's right hand man, Hibiki, finds Jin and delivers a message from Kagura. Kagura wants the Kisaragi's approval for something, but Jin won't give an answer either way. Hibiki decides to follow Jin until he answers. Jin comments about the messed up weather in the 9th Hierarchical City of Akitsu-Kō and Hibiki tells him it's because Ragna destroyed the Cauldron. Jin wants to see the Cauldron.
  • Makoto, Tager, and Noel arrive at the 7th Hierarchical City Kazamotsu where they're immediately arrested by the NOL. Amane goes after them.

CP 4

  • Noel, Tager, and Makoto are brought to a drunk Kagura. Makoto is mad he left them in jail all night, especially after his excuse is that he was having a party and forgot about them. Kagura introduces himself to Noel. Kagura suggests that he had a prior relationship with Makoto. Kokonoe comes up and gives Noel and Makoto non-NOL uniforms to use. Kokonoe warns Noel not to remove her headgear.
  • Kokonoe, Tager, and Kagura talk alone. They're surprised Azrael was released. Kokonoe correctly guesses Azrael is tasked with getting the Azure Grimoire. They discuss their plan to take over the NOL and kill the Imperator and Terumi. Kagura will take out Azrael if needed and Ragna apparently will have a part to play. Kokonoe takes Tager to perform some upgrades.

CP 5

  • Jin investigates the Cauldron, looking for the Murakumo Unit. He runs into Relius, who recognizes Jin trained with Jubei from his aura (soul). Jin realizes the Cauldron is still alive. Relius is surprised he noticed and he says Jin can't kill the Cauldron without the Azure. Jin attacks Relius, but is defeated. Relius runs off when Hibiki approaches. Jin tells Hibiki he wants to talk to Kagura.
  • Carl arrives in the 8th Hierarchical City Wadatsumi. This is where Bang grew up. Carl runs into Bang and Platinum. Carl leaves for Yabiko, Platinum leaves for Kazamatsu, and Bang leaves to try to find Lord Tenjo's legacy: Kushinada's Lynchpin.

SS 3

  • Celica and Kokonoe go to the church to visit Celica's grave at her request (if it's not obvious by now, she's the Sister that took care of Ragna, Jin, and Saya.) While Celica is alone, the Imperator and Phantom appear, then teleport away. Kokonoe remarks that they know of Celica's presence now. Rachel and Ragna also teleport near the church, but don't encounter Celica.
  • Relius says he needs Kushinada's Lynchpin to finish his work. The Imperator says the Master Unit is interfering too much so she'll need to go to Takamagahara.
  • Back at Yabiko, Hibiki is mad Kokonoe and Celica disobeyed the rules and stepped out. Later, Kokonoe and Celica agree that Hibiki is a good officer. An alarm goes off, which concerns Kokonoe. But Makoto arrives and says the others are getting checked up. Kokonoe tasks her with showing Celica around the city.
  • Kokonoe talks with Kagura about the preparation for his rebellion. He says he has half the Duodecim's support, but needs the Kisaragi's answer. He says Kokonoe's secret weapons will help greatly.
  • Celica and Makoto bond until Kokonoe calls and sends Makoto off on an errand.

SH 2

  • Hakumen senses the barrier around Ikaruga. It reminds him of the barrier near Ishana that used to keep the Seithr out. The giant black pillar in Ikaruga bothers Hakumen and he wonders where it came from. Rachel tries to recruit Hakumen via Valkenhayn, but Hakumen refuses. Rachel's plan requires Hakumen. Hakumen suspects Phantom is Nine and wants to defeat her.
  • Platinum (Luna/Sena) wakes up in Rachel's castle. Valkenhayn says it's safe for Trinity to come out. Trinity takes over and agrees to join Rachel's plan to defeat Terumi. She feels responsible and was originally planning to try it alone.
  • Jubei is in Ikaruga and laments he needs to meet with Kagura and inevitably Kokonoe. Celica is lost in Yabiko after accidentally wandering off from Tager.

CP 6

  • Tsubaki and Hazama arrive and greet Kagura. Hazama hints that he knows Kokonoe is here. Tsubaki and Hazama leave on their business.
  • Kokonoe and Kagura agree Hazama's presence means the Imperator is coming. Kokonoe is worried that Tsubaki is here because her Anti-Observer weapon Izayoi can disrupt Kokonoe's machines and Izayoi can be used against Noel. Kagura is relieved Kokonoe doesn't want to kill Tsubaki. Kagura has known Tsubaki since she was a child and wouldn't want to upset Jin. He says he'll handle Tsubaki... and if he can't, he'll kill her. Makoto overhears this last part and Kagura tries to convince her to leave Tsubaki to him. Makoto agrees. Kokonoe knows Makoto is lying and asks Tager to put Noel and Makoto in jail. Celica is in the room and Kokonoe introduces her to Kagura as their trump card.
  • Tager catches Noel and Makoto trying to escape, but he decides to let them go, despite his orders.

CP 7

  • Ragna and Taokaka are having lunch and accidentally antagonize Bullet, who recognizes them as bounties. She doesn't go after them though. Taokaka runs off, leaving Ragna to search for Noel on his own. He runs into Tager and asks Kokonoe via com where Noel is. Kokonoe says Noel and Makoto ran off to find Tsubaki. Ragna decides he needs to take care of Izayoi, even though Kokonoe tells him to let them handle it. Kokonoe asks how much Ragna has left, as she poked around his body while installing his left arm.
  • Amane sneaks up on Ragna and bothers him a while before leaving to go look for Carl.
  • Ragna finds Tsubaki and they fight. Ragna easily wins and comments she's weaker than he thought Izayoi would be. She says he ruined her relationship with Noel, Makoto, and Jin and that she'll kill him. Ragna moves in to destroy Izayoi, but Hakumen stops him. He says Tsubaki needs to destroy it herself. He asks why Ragna is after the Lynchpin. Hazama appears and laughs at them fighting. He has Phantom teleport Hazama, Phantom, Tsubaki, and Ragna away.
  • Hazama brings Ragna to fight Nu and test the Sword of Izanami. Ragna is struggling and activates BlazBlue. This is what Hazama was waiting for and he uses Phenomenon Intervention. He says the Imperator can do this now and has Ikaruga in the palm of her hands.

CP 8

  • Time was rewound. Ragna is back in the restaurant with Bullet and Taokaka. He has flashbacks to his fight with Nu and still feels the wounds. He runs outside and collapses. Celica sees and heals him. She is overly friendly with Ragna and acts like she knows him. This bothers Ragna and he runs off to find Noel.
  • Relius has Litchi check Seithr levels in Ikaruga and they realize the levels are weird. Carl shows up and Relius lectures him for not isolating his soul. He says a strong soul pulls other souls along with it. That is how the Azure is created. Carl doesn't want Relius to hurt Litchi and fights him. Relius says Carl needs to stop depending on and protecting other people. He tells Carl that if Carl finds Relius later, he'll make a new Ada for Carl. Carl is conflicted on what to do. Amane finds Carl and asks Carl to be his, but Carl runs away.
  • Ragna is frustrated and can't stop thinking about Celica. When he's around her, his right eye and right arm don't work. Ragna finds Noel and tries to force her to go with him. Kagura stops him. Ragna and Kagura fight, Kagura easily wins.
  • Amane and Rachel talk a little about Ragna.

CP 9

  • Ragna is in jail. Kokonoe is holding him there to cool off as Ikaruga is still reeling from the Phenomenon Intervention. Kokonoe asks what will happen with Tsubaki. Kagura says he'll arrange Noel, Makoto, and Jin to meet with Tsubaki and then leave the rest to them. Jin and Hibiki come in. Hibiki reports both Tsubaki and Makoto are currently under surveillance. Kagura's plan is to have Tsubaki follow some of his men into the colliseum out of her own curiosity where they can prevent Intervention and Observation for one hour.
  • Jin wanders off and summons Hakumen by being 'aware' of his surroundings. They spar and Jin confirms Hakumen is an alternate Jin. He asks about Izayoi, the Murakumo Unit Prototype. Hakumen says it's currently in a pupal state, but will evolve to "Zero Type Izayoi", which is the actual Anti-Observer Weapon. While Sealed, Izayoi is a shield that prevents Observation or Intervention. When released, Izayoi is a pike that can slay those outside of logic, such as Observers. Jin asks how to break the curse, but Hakumen tells Jin that Tsubaki isn't under Izayoi's thrall. Jin asks about Hakumen's timeline. Hakumen says he never knew Noel, Ikaruga was totally annihilated during the Take-Mikazuchi attack, and he wasn't aware of anyone like Hazama.
  • Makoto approaches Tsubaki. Makoto tells Tsubaki to leave the NOL because the NOL caused the Ikaruga war and refused to try to resolve things diplomatically. Tsubaki says all things happen for the sake of the Imperator and the Imperator desires the death of all things. Tsubaki orders Makoto to return to the NOL. Makoto asks if that's really Tsubaki speaking. They fight, but Kagura interrupts before Tsubaki finishes her. He tells Tsubaki that he'll take care of Makoto and hands over a (fake) letter from Imperator instructing Tsubaki to let Kagura have his way.

CP 10

  • Celica tries to entertain Ragna in his cell. Ragna tries to figure out how Celica knows him. Rachel and Noel show up. Rachel tells Ragna a story about a young girl with a book. The first few pages (a hero and young maiden appear) and the last pages (the hero defeats the monster, who was actually the young maiden all along) are written, but everything else is blank. The young girl gets depressed that no matter what she writes in the blank pages, she can't change the ending.
  • Kokonoe shows up to the cell and says she'll release Ragna. But she installed a bomb in his left arm. If Ragna goes a certain distance from Celica, the bomb will explode.
  • Ragna, Kokonoe, and Celica meet with Kagura and Hibiki. Kagura says Ragna can't use BlazBlue or it will ruin their preparations because his sensors will confuse Ragna for Terumi. Kagura tasks Ragna with luring Azrael to a tournament. Since everyone knows that Kagura captured Ragna, Kagura will hold a tournament to where the winner can fight Ragna for his bounty. But Ragna is just the bait, Kagura will fight Azrael himself. Kagura says Ragna without the BlazBlue is weaker than either Kagura or Azrael because Ragna doesn't know what he's fighting for. If Ragna helps out, Kagura will tell him where the gate to the Lynchpin is. He tells Ragna that Celica is the key to the forgotten knowledge of using the Lynchpin.
  • Jin storms in asking why the plan has changed. Kagura says it's because he met Tsubaki and she's already halfway consumed. But he has a plan to get Tsubaki alone. Tager has an Artificial Causality Weapon that can resist the Imperator's Interference. Since so many people will be watching Ragna's match, Takamagahara won't be able to rewrite history.
  • Jin challenges Ragna to a fight when they're alone. Jin is easily winning due to Ragna's injuries, but Celica interrupts and heals them both. She tells them not to fight and they're reminded of the Sister who raised them.

CP 11

  • Everyone has a meal together, then discus the next day's plan. During the tournament, Tager will erect a field that will give Tsubaki, Noel, Jin, and Makoto some time alone. Meanwhile, Kagura will fight Azrael.
  • Jin, Noel, and Makoto discuss strategy. Makoto will fight first to pressure Tsubaki. Noel will avoid Tsubaki. Noel's goal is to use the Power of the Eye, search for the Sealed Weapon's true form, and Observe it. Then Jin will fight the true form.
  • Ragna chats with Celica. He laments that he's weak because he has no reason to fight. She says Ragna is strong and protected her once when no one else did. Ragna is confused. She says that Ragna can protect her and Ragna agrees.

CP 12

  • Noel can't fall asleep. Arakune sneaks in while Rachel sends Noel's mind to an alternate space where Rachel trains her to use the Eye of Azure. Rachel's interference allows Hazama to break into the space. He sends Nu to fight Noel. Noel is able to use her powers without reverting to a Kusanagi. Hazama and Nu both retreat after a while.
  • Everyone is trying to break into Noel's room. Kokonoe doesn't know how another space was formed under her barrier. Just as Arakune is about to eat Noel, Ragna breaks through Noel's door. Kagura scares Arakune away.
  • Kokonoe takes blame for the intrusion because she forgot she was Arakune's Observer, which resulted in a loophole that allowed Arakune through her defenses. She says she needs to be more careful in the future. Kokonoe's plans assume Terumi and Relius are perfect, so she must behave perfectly too.
  • Arakune reports to Relius, who finally understands what's going on with the Seithr levels.
  • Kagura secretly meets with Bang. They were both disciples of Tenjo. Bang considers Kagura a traitor for siding with the NOL. Kagura asks what Bang knows of the Lynchpin. Bang says the nail is the core of the weapon that can stop the activity of Seithr. Kagura reveals Homura (Tenjo's son) to a shocked Bang. Kagura says Bang was entrusted with Phoenix: Rettenjo while Tenjo entrusted Kagura with his son, Homura. Kagura asks Bang to wait in Wadatsumi castle for someone seeking the Lynchpin. Bang can decide what to do afterwards.

SS 4

  • Bang arrives in Ikaruga and is initially sad about its condition. Amane appears and Bang fights him for being suspicious. They have a good spar and end up mutually respecting each other. Amane asks for information on Carl, but Bang is unaware of his whereabouts.
  • Bullet arrives in Ikaruga. She runs into Amane and fights him for a stupid reason. She decides to go after Kokonoe before Relius. She finds and fights Azrael, but is forced to retreat.
  • Kokonoe and Kagura start preparing because Intervention has started.
  • Tager and Makoto are collecting Seithr readings. Makoto hears that Relius's assistant entered Ikaruga.

SS 5

  • Bang remembers the day he and Tenjo were defeated by Jin. He suddenly realizes a third person was there and thinks he should figure out who that was. Jin enters and Bang fights him. Bang is outclassed and accidentally falls from the roof into the building.
  • Bullet finds Bang and asks if he knows where Kokonoe or Relius are. The name 'Relius' makes Bang remember hearing that the Ikaruga War was Relius's plan. Bang follows Bullet to help search for Relius.
  • A few hours earlier, Bullet fought Azrael, but she escaped into Yabiko. She sees Litchi and asks for Relius or Kokonoe's whereabouts. She knows they retrieved the Phenomenon Weapon. Litchi won't talk, so Bullet attacks, but Litchi escapes.

SS 6

  • Litchi senses Arakune. But she wonders what she'll do even if she finds him. She doesn't want him to become Relius's pawn again.
  • Makoto spots Litchi in Ikaruga (right after Litchi escaped Bullet) and chases after her. Tager and Makoto catch up and Kokonoe instructs them to capture her. Litchi asks Kokonoe to teach Litchi how to Observe Arakune, but Kokonoe turns her down. Litchi says that it's typical of Kokonoe to think only Kokonoe has the answers. Kokonoe changes her mind and decides to meet with Litchi.
  • Kokonoe can't figure out why the Imperator isn't doing anything about their planned rebellion.

SS 7

  • Litchi reaffirms she dedicated her life to saving Arakune. Tager reminisces about the Ikaruga War. He participated in the operation to capture Azrael. Azrael appears before Tager in present day. Suddenly, Nu appears. Kokonoe can only teleport one person mechanically, so she sends Kagura to their location.
  • Kagura fights Azrael while Litchi fights Nu. Kagura's skill matches Azrael, but his endurance does not. Tager does something that let's the three of them teleport to HQ.
  • Kokonoe wants to know what Litchi plans to do after Observing Arakune. Litchi reveals she was working on the liquid theory of Seithr: Solidifying and sealing it. This process allows the creation and control of things like the Azure Grimoire and Black Beast. Litchi thinks she can amplify her ability to Observe using machines. She thinks she can create a human vessel from Seithr. She insists can handle the stress of Observing with an Overdrive and the Azure Grimoire. Kokonoe asks if she did all that and "created" Roy, would the result still be Roy?
  • Hibiki interrupts with the Seithr level reports. Kagura and Kokonoe wonder who is raising the levels.

CP 13

  • The "Battle of Ragna the Bloodedge" tournament is underway in the coliseum. Tsubaki stops by to check on Ragna's restraints, then leaves. Hazama is not detected anywhere near the area.
  • The qualifiers are boring. The final match ends up between Bullet and... a last minute contestant Azrael, the Genocider of the Ikaruga Civil War. The two insult each other a bit and fight over who gets to kill Kagura, Ragna, Kokonoe, and Tager. Azrael remembers killing a bunch of Bullet's comrades in the war, which sends her over the edge. But Azrael way overpowers her, breaking her legs and arms. Tager is still setting up his field, but Ragna and Celica decide to interfere anyway.
  • Ragna can't compare to Azrael. Azrael threatens to kill Celica to see if that improves Ragna's performance. Ragna is about to release BlazBlue, but remembers doing so in an alternate timeline and Azrael releasing his limiter. Ragna realizes he sought power to protect people, not to destroy. He ends up not releasing BlazBlue. Azrael is furious.
  • Kagura finally steps in. Kagura is losing until he realizes that Azrael is restricted by an Ars Magus that prevents him from directly attacking. Azrael can only retaliate against an attack. Kokonoe captures Azrael and puts him in a dimensional prison. Kokonoe says she considers both the coliseum and Tsubaki events as rehearsals for a future event.
  • Hazama reviews the state of the situation. He's excited because the Master Unit must be getting close and he sees his plans as coming to fruition.

CP 14

  • Kagura leaves the tournament to watch the Tsubaki situation. Celica missed a spot when healing Ragna. Ragna announces to Celica and Rachel that he's going to stop using the Azure Grimoire because it's the power to take and destroy. Ragna doesn't really want the power to take from others, he just wants to avoid losing things himself. Rachel asks if that's the real nature of the Azure Grimoire. Ragna says his Grimoire is just a replica made by Terumi anyway. Celica asks if that's true. Rachel confirms and says Terumi's Grimoire is fake too. Ragna asks where the real Grimoire is and Rachel decides to tell him the truth because Ragna has matured so much over this last battle. Tomorrow Celica and Ragna will meet at the Cauldron in Ibukido and she'll tell them about "Zero."
  • Kagura leads Tsubaki to the place where she's supposed to pick up Ragna for extradition. Once arriving, Tager's barrier is activated and Jin, Noel, and Makoto appear. Tsubaki isn't too surprised because she heard rumors that Kagura was leading a rebellion. She reaffirms the Librarium is everything to her. Jin gets Tsubaki to agree to fight them one on one, otherwise they'll all just work together and kill her.
  • Makoto says she wants to accept Tsubaki like Tsubaki once accepted her. She apologizes for saying Tsubaki wasn't herself the other day. Makoto fights a lot better this time and Tsubaki is surprised at her strength.
  • Noel takes over. Noel doesn't attack, but is having a hard time time dodging and Observing at the same time. Tsubaki breaks down and screams at Noel for taking everything away from her and taking her place in the world. Noel tries to understand Tsubaki's pain and is able to Observe the true form of Izayoi.
  • Jin takes over. Tsubaki says Jin betrayed her. He was supposed to help bring peace. Tsubaki says that the Imperator is justice and therefore peace is the society the Imperator rules. But Jin can also hear Tsubaki's soul asking for help. Jin recognizes the "Mind Eater" curse that projects one's cognizance atop another's conscience.
  • Jin tells Tsubaki that if his death will save her, he'll gladly die. He'll keep reaching out and won't give up. Not for her sake, but for his sake, so that he won't need to "stick a needle in his eye." (That's a reference to a promise they made when they were younger.) Tsubaki (with Imperator superimposed over image) stabs Jin with her "Immortal Breaker" attack.
  • In Tsubaki's consciousness, Hakumen appears. He tells her that the Power of Order is the power of one's will that is strong enough to even cast aside Phenomenon Intervention. Tsubaki laments that she ruined everything even though she loves everyone. Hakumen tells her that she can still undo the damage she's done if her will is strong enough.
  • Tsubaki breaks the Mind Eater curse and Jin is unharmed. The Immortal Breaker can't implant death in Jin's mind because the Immortal Breaker doesn't work against the Power of Order. Everyone is happy and hugs.
  • Kagura has a serious discussion with Tsubaki and Jin. He asks for their support. Kagura thinks the world is messed up (with racism, nepotism, etc..) and wants to remake it. Tsubaki says that she's against war and the chaos that would ensue. Kagura says his plan is to kill the Imperator and take her place without anyone knowing. Then the system can slowly be changed from within. He knows it would work because no one knows the Imperator's identity. The current Imperator is just an artificial human Hazama and Relius put in office. Who was the last Imperator? Kagura reveals it was Tenjo and that fact is the part of Jin's memory that was erased. Homura is the true successor to the Imperator position.

CP 15

  • Kokonoe calls Celica away (assuring Ragna the distance is fine.) Ragna's right eye and right arm work again after Celica is gone. Hazama appears saying he was looking for Ragna and Tsubaki, but can't Observe them, probably due to Kokonoe. Terumi beats up on Ragna until Kokonoe and Tager appear.
  • Hazama can't move and asks Kokonoe what she did. He calls for Phantom. Kokonoe says she'd do anything to beat him, no matter how underhanded. Terumi notices Celica and asks how she can be alive when he killed her. Kokonoe says she revived Celica as a Chrono Phantasma. To fight the Gods, they decided to use the devil. Phantom appears and teleports Hazama out.
  • Hazama is furious Relius sent him out when he suspected Celica was around. Relius says she's interesting, but won't interrupt their plans. Hazama says if she activates the Lynchpin all Seithr will be gone, which will interrupt their plans.
  • Ragna demands an explanation and Kokonoe provides one because she needs the Azure Grimoire. Celica is a Chrono Phantasma. Her soul from the past is duplicated and put into a vessel in this era. Celica has the innate power to nullify all the Seithr in her surroundings. Since Ragna's right side is corroded by the Azure Grimoire, it shuts down when Celica is around. Kokonoe installed a limiter (that doesn't work against the Azure Grimoire), but it's not working perfectly. This is why the Seithr levels are so strange. This is why Bullet was weak in her fight. Kagura mentions it's hard for him to fight too. Azrael doesn't use Ars magus. He's just really strong, which makes him a horrible opponent with Celica around.
  • The other important point is that Celica isn't supposed to be here, so the Master Unit and Takamagahara can't Observe or Intervene with her or anyone she interacts with. This is why Hazama couldn't find Ragna until now. Ragna asks to take Noel and Celica with him to see Rachel tomorrow instead of immediately finding the Lynchpin. Kokonoe objects because Rachel always gets in her way, but ultimately realizes it's futile to try and stop the meeting.
  • Ragna bumps into Noel and asks Noel to come with him tomorrow. She gets flustered until he explains it'll be with Celica and Rachel too. Noel apologizes for Ragna's left arm, but Ragna says it doesn't matter. He doesn't care if the arm is fake or real, either way, it's his arm. This relieves Noel.
  • Ragna, Noel, and Celica meet with Rachel at the destroyed Cauldron. Noel feels an intense headache until Rachel increases the protection from her headgear. Rachel tells them this Cauldron is where Noel was created. All the Prime Field Devices from the coffins were sacrificed to create her. To get to Gate "Zero" and relieve the souls used to create Noel, Rachel is going to send Ragna to the past. She needs Celica to remember the past and Noel to bring Ragna back when he's done. Rachel sends Ragna through the Boundary in the Cauldron, protected by Tsukuyomi. Noel removes her headgear to use the strength of the residual souls.

SH 3 (Flashback to the Year 2106)

  • The Celica of 2106 finds Ragna in the forest and takes care of him. Ragna can't use his right arm or right eye. He has no memories other than his name and the fact that Magic is real. Celica is surprised because people think mages are fantasy.
  • While walking around in the forest, they come across Mitsuyoshi. Ragna identifies him as Jubei, the hero who defeated the Black Beast 100 years ago. Jubei says that's impossible and the Black Beast only appeared six years ago. Celica explains how she found Ragna. Jubei says he's looking for Shuichiro Ayatsuki, who turns out to be Celica's father. She hasn't heard from him since the Black Beast appeared and wants to go to Japan to find him. Even though they're in direct conflict, they all decide to travel to the ruins of Japan together.

SH 4 (Flashback to the Year 2106)

  • Ragna, Celica, and Jubei reached the ruins of Shuichiro's lab, but were attacked by Seithr. A young Rachel rescues them. Ragna and Celica have an audience with Clavis Alucard, Rachel, and Valkenhayn.
  • Clavis hired Jubei. He explains that humans found the Cauldrons, which are connected to the Boundary. They used the Cauldrons to glimpse the Master Unit, which could be considered a deity. They created the Takamagahara System to manage the flow of information to the Boundary and to try to contact the Master Unit. Shuichiro was making a different system to contact the Master Unit called the Kusanagi. Shuichiro's experiments ended up summoning the Black Beast.
  • Ragna talks to Celica that night to make sure she's okay. She is and wants to keep searching for her father.

SH 5 (Flashback to the Year 2106)

  • On the way to District 1 (the birthplace of the Black Beast) to search for more clues, Ragna and Celica run into Nine (named because she's the ninth seat of the powerful Ten Sages) and Trinity. Nine is an overprotective sister and not friendly with Ragna. She eventually agrees to help them search District 1 for information. But if the search turns up nothing, Celica must give up. Nine tells them she already knew their father was involved with the Black Beast incident.

SH 6 (Flashback to the Year 2106)

  • Nine, Trinity, Celica, and Ragna find a mechanical chasm that must have been created with Magic and Alchemy. Celica finds an elevator that they take down to the bottom of the research facility where they find the first discovered Cauldron. This floor looks heavily damaged. They find a secret path to a room with a prototype Kushinada Lynchpin. Nine reads documents and is disgusted. The Lynchpin will stop Seithr and halt the Black Beast, but won't kill the Black Beast. Nine tries to destroy the Lynchpin with lightning, but Jubei jumps in and defends it. He says they should use the Lynchpin. Nine explains that the Lynchpin needs energy to work: a human soul that's flexible and adept at controlling the flow of life (aka healing magic.) In other words, it needs to use Celica's soul. Celica will fuel the device until her life runs out, then the Black Beast will revive. Jubei says Celica's sacrifice will save many lives and give humanity a chance to prepare a counterattack. Nine and Jubei fight until Ragna interrupts them saying this is Celica's choice no matter who wins the fight.
  • Everyone takes a break. While Ragna is out on a walk, Celica says she wants to protect her loved ones. Nine tells Celica that if she activates the Lynchpin, she'll be stuck in it until she dies. Celica states that she wants to use the Lynchpin. Ragna comes back and Celica says he makes her determination waver. Ragna says that Celica won't use the Lynchpin. If they can bring him near the Beast, Ragna says he can stop it. Ragna's memories returned while he was walking by himself. He remembers he had siblings too, so he understands Nine's feelings.
  • The Black Beast comes to District 1 because the Cauldron began releasing Seithr.
  • Ragna tells the others to teleport out. He says they don't have time to get the full explanation, but Ragna thinks that if he contacts the Beast it'll stop moving for a year. In that time, they need to form the Six Heroes and figure out how to defeat the Beast. Ragna promises Celica he'll return and gives her his sword and jacket. Jubei stays behind to help Ragna get close. The magicians teleport away.

SH 7 (Flashback to when Celica was wandering Ikaruga alone)

  • In present day, before Celica meets Ragna again, she sees Nirvana with Carl and chases after them. She calls out to Nirvana, surprised to see her in the future as they were recently together (in Celica's memory, at least, where Nirvana was her Nox Nyctores). Carl says it's not Nirvana, it's his sister Ada. Carl is furious, but Hakumen appears and stops him from attacking. Carl leaves.
  • Celica is happy to meet someone she knows. Hakumen asks why Celica is here. Celica says Kokonoe copied her from the era immediately following the end of the Dark War. Celica wants to see the other heroes and Hakumen reluctantly agrees to bring her to Valkenhayn. He doesn't want her getting lost on her own.
  • On the way, Celica is pleasantly surprised to learn Nine and Jubei married and had Kokonoe. They chat a bit, but are interrupted by Azrael. Azrael really enjoys fighting Hakumen. Celica distracts Azrael and escapes with Hakumen.
  • She asks why Hakumen seems weaker than she remembers. Hakumen says, like Celica, only his consciousness is here. Jubei follows a trail of magic to Celica and guesses Celica is here due to Kokonoe. Rachel appears too and teleports everyone away to talk in private.
  • They meet Trinity (in Platinum) at Rachel's Castle. Trinity breaks down crying and apologizing when she sees Celica. Trinity let Nine die, although Rachel corrects her by saying their souls just went to the Boundary. Celica says Nine wouldn't blame Trinity, but Trinity says she didn't listen to Nine and broke the magic seal on Terumi. Celica says it's okay and it doesn't matter, she's just happy to see Trinity again.
  • Rachel says she needs to tend to Ragna and takes Celica with her. Celica is excited to meet Ragna again. The others stay to discuss Rachel's plan to beat Terumi.
  • The heroes first reminisce about the chaos of the post war era. Jubei and Hakumen were forgotten, Valkenhayn returned to Rachel, and Trinity/Nine/Terumi went on a mission. The NOL sealed the Phenomenon Weapons instead of letting their inventor, Nine, destroy them. Terumi snuck around in the background and eventually betrayed them, despite having the Mind Eater curse on him. The heroes regret not stopping him.
  • Valkenhayn explains the plan: Terumi is a body-less being, but due to Nine's original Mind Eater spell, his fusion is imperfect. Rachel will pull out Terumi's spiritual body while keeping him bound to his current body. Muchourin (Trinity's weapon) can be used to give Terumi's spiritual body a physical form, which will allow the other heroes to kill him.


  • (Flashback to Post Dark War) Jubei and Hakumen discuss the sealing of the Nox Nyctores. Kushinada is having its core removed, Take-Mikazuchi was sealed by the Mage's Guild, but Bolverk (from switching hands too many times) and Yukianesa (from being stolen by a Ten Sage member) are missing. Jubei and Hakumen don't agree with the NOL's actions. The Ten Sages group lost their influence over the world to the Duodecim. Clavis died and Rachel is in a slumber. Jubei and Hakumen are under tight surveillance so can't kill Terumi. Hakumen says he wants to learn more about the Boundary.
  • (Back to Present Day) Rachel returns to the castle with Celica. Celica now knows everything that happened in the 100 years since her soul was copied. Rachel says Terumi is busy planning a large scale Continuum Shift. So they have to attack now.
  • Jubei's sealed right eye belongs to his brother, who once saw Terumi's true form. Using the Muchorin, they trace the eye's memories to locate Terumi's spiritual body.
  • Terumi recognizes Trinity invading his mind. Trinity says they'll bring him down this time. Hazama beats her up while mocking her with memories of the day he killed her. Even though Terumi wins, he feels strange. This is because Trinity successfully gave Terumi a physical form.
  • Hakumen is about to leave Rachel's Castle, but Celica insists on coming too, because her presence hurts Terumi. Jubei tags along to protect his sister-in-law. They almost succeed in killing Terumi, but Phantom comes again and teleports them away. Celica identifies Phantom as Nine. Everyone runs off searching for Terumi.
  • Elsewhere, Valkenhayn encounters Relius.
  • Platinum (Luna/Sena) encounters Hazama as he attempts to fuse with Terumi again. Terumi distracts Trinity by using the voice of the body he used during the Dark War (a friend of Trinity's). Trinity can't forgive herself for being tricked back then. Hakumen saves Trinity from being killed. Terumi activates BlazBlue. Terumi has them trapped in a technique where they're just fighting shadows of Terumi and then Terumi escapes. Even though Terumi is using Takamagahara to Intervene on Ikaruga, Hakumen is confident and says Terumi underestimated the Master Unit. Hakumen says that Terumi must be alive due to Phantom's hatred of him. Trinity is confident she'll be able to withstand Phantom's attacks and they teleport to Phantom. Trinity undoes the Mind Eater curse and Nine's form returns, but Phantom is still evil. Hazama and Terumi are now in separate bodies.

SS 8

  • Bang is able to cheer Bullet up and she shares her past with him.
  • Makoto asks Litchi what she thinks is happening.
  • Hazama asks if it's okay that Litchi defected and that Bang and Bullet are wandering around. Relius says Bang has the Rettenjo, so it's important. After Relius leaves, Hazama tells Arakune he has a job for him.

SS 9 [Final]

  • Bang and Bullet are searching for information when they're attacked by Arakune. Arakune leads them to Relius at the Cauldron. Relius is glad Bang brought the Rettenjo. He says it's an anti-Nox Nyctores weapon Nine created to destroy the other Nox Nyctores via the core of Kushinada's Lynchpin. Relius intends to drop it into the Cauldron and Bang says that the world will be destroyed if the Seithr is stopped. He asks if Relius started the Ikaruga war just to get the Rettenjo. Kokonoe, Makoto, Litchi, and Kagura appear and say it's the opposite. Kokonoe explains that Relius's group started the war to get souls because the souls of the dead return to the Boundary. Relius and Hazama set up the Ikaruga cauldrons to collect the souls from the Boundary in order to create a Black Beast. Sector Seven was convinced to create the Black Beast in order to resist the Library. The Ikaruga War was started to collect the ingredients. Tenjo intended to fight against this plan by preparing the Lynchpin to stop the flow of seithr, but Take-Mikazuchi was activated and annihilated the city. Bullet's unit was sacrificed as part of Relius's attempt to get a new Nox Nyctores. They think Relius is trying to create the Black Beast again. Litchi asks if the liquid seithr experiment was done in order to use live human as souls. Relius confirms. He says that even though the research is incomplete, all he needs is to vaporize live humans into Seithr. He says the black tower will collect the result via his receptor, Arakune.

CP 16

  • The Imperator, Relius, and Terumi are ready, despite Rachel's interference. They start Doomsday, the operation to destroy the Master Unit.
  • Ragna returns from the past, but is jumpy. Noel calms him down. Ragna leaves to find Kokonoe. Rachel is exhausted and Valkenhayn comes after being tipped off by Amane. Rachel returns to her castle.
  • Ragna returns to Kokonoe and explains that he now knows everything, including the requirement behind activating the Lynchpin. Ragna is furious at Kokonoe and asks how she can execute this plan. Kokonoe says it's the smart option and her mother was a fool for accepting only one year when she could have had five years. Celica agrees and says the one year was rough and many people died anyway. Ragna is furious and says that if Celica sacrificed herself, Nine would not have been motivated to create Ars Magus. Everyone did their best only because Celica was still alive.
  • Kokonoe says Celica understands she was brought here to sacrifice herself and that Celica agrees with Kokonoe. Ragna asks what Kokonoe's plan is. Kagura says they plan to shove the Lynchpin into the Imperator. The plan is the same as with Tsubaki. They'll get everyone focused on one event so Intervention can't happen. They'll lure the Imperator into a barrier and then use the Lynchpin to cut off her Seithr and kill her. Kokonoe explains the Imperator is using the barrier surrounding Ikaruga to try to summon the Master Unit.
  • Ragna still insists that they can't use Celica. Kokonoe asks why he's so attached to a copy. Noel says copies and originals are the same thing, depending on perception. Kokonoe says Celica is a part of the Power of Order, created to resist Seithr. Her current body will only last 6 months anyway. Celica insists she's happy to sacrifice herself and is just happy to meet Ragna again, especially since they couldn't talk the last time they met. Kagura also refuses to sacrifice Celica and says Ragna must fight to protect those he loves. Ragna says he'll protect Celica and Celica is happy. Kokonoe is annoyed.
  • Rachel appears and says they overlooked something: Tenjo was planning to use the Lynchpin, so there must be an alternate way to use it. Also, Nine wouldn't leave the Lynchpin around if it could only be used by Celica. Tenjo was really weak when Jin fought him and Tenjo told Bang the nail was his soul. The others guess the Lynchpin is already activated with Tenjo's soul. Kokonoe says Celica should still be around as insurance.
  • Ragna, Noel, and Celica will go activate the Lynchpin. Kokonoe gives Ragna an Ars Magus that can teleport the Lynchpin, but he'll need to use the Azure Grimoire to power it. There's no bomb in Ragna. If he uses the IDEA Engine that Kokonoe added to his left arm, he can still use the Azure Grimoire. Noel mutters "brother" for some reason.
  • After Ragna's group leaves, Kokonoe says there are no more Interventions. Rachel says the Imperator probably destroyed Takamagahara. Kagura says it's time to officially begin the rebellion. Rachel asks why Kokonoe didn't tell Ragna's group the truth. Kokonoe shrugs.
  • Hibiki returns to Kagura after bringing Ragna, Noel, and Celica to Wadatsumi.
  • Rachel is not happy when Jin and Tsubaki come in. Jin and Tsubaki aren't happy either. Kagura asks Jin and Tsubaki to watch over his majesty (Homura).
  • Noel opens the Gate to Kushinada's Lynchpin. Bang arrives after feeling the Gate open. He duels Ragna. He asks why Ragna fights (answer: to protect people) and why he doesn't use the Azure (answer: he needs to do this with his own power.) Bang likes his answers and entrusts the Rettenjo to him. Celica explains Trinity taught her about the Rettenjo. It's a "Small Kushinada's Lynchpin." Celica asks Bang to try and hammer the Rettenjo into the Lynchpin. But before he can do that, Litchi, Relius, and Nu appear to stop him.

CP 17

  • Hazama and Rachel/Valkenhayn separately say things are about to begin. Hibiki/Kagura are ready to start their rebellion, but Kokonoe tells them Relius showed up. Tsubaki leaves to help out with Relius. The Imperator appears with Phantom and uses the broadcasting device Hibiki prepared. She makes an announcement to the world that Amanohokosaka Homura is the new Imperator. As a resignation present, the Imperator presents Death to all citizens under the name "Hades:Izanami."
  • Hazama activates his BlazBlue and summons the souls. Bang is fighting Litchi. Nu starts to merge with Noel. Relius commands Nu to destroy Noel's body. Kokonoe sends Minerva (a white Nirvana) to fight Nu. Kokonoe made Minerva with an IDEA Engine based on data collected from Relius and Nine. Relius has Nu retreat.
  • The Seithr is really thick because Relius activated all the Cauldrons. Relius plans to send all souls to the super Cauldron (that black pillar) and smelt them with Nu, who has now merged with the Successor to the Azure. Then Relius will recreate the world in his own design.
  • Hazama and Nu (the Sword of Izanagi) observe the souls getting absorbed. The Imperator strikes Kagura down and leaves. Jin chases after them.
  • Relius explains the world cannot evolve past what the Master Unit can imagine, so he wants to fix the world. Ragna calls him crazy and attacks, but Carl protects Relius. Carl only cares about his sister's revival. Kokonoe calls and says their only chance is to teleport the Lynchpin to the pillar and stop the flow of Seithr.
  • Nu Observes the Master Unit: Amaterasu. Tsubaki and Makoto arrive. Makoto doesn't understand why Carl and Litchi stand against them. The Imperator summons something that causes Kokonoe to really panic and send Celica off on a mission. Ragna asks Kokonoe what Celica is doing. Bang tells Ragna to chase after her while Bang activates the Lynchpin. Rachel jumps in and says she'll teleport the Lynchpin. She says Ragna will need to take Noel with him.
  • Bang, Makoto, and Tsubaki fight Litchi, Carl, and Relius. The Imperator summons Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi from space and fuses it with Nu. It attacks, but Rachel blocks it with Tsukuyomi. Jubei attacks the Imperator. The Imperator releases Phantom with a "Code: Nine", who easily beats Jubei.
  • Ragna and Noel join Jin. They see Celica. Kokonoe's plan is to release Celica's limiter and have her absorb all the Seithr, stopping Take-Mikazuchi. Kokonoe gives Ragna 10 minutes before enacting her plan. If all their plans fail, Kokonoe will launch all her nukes at it. Hakumen shows up to help and Ragna asks him to destroy the foundation of the pillar. Ragna calls Bang and tells him he has 10 minutes to take care of the Lynchpin.
  • Ragna addresses the Imperator as Saya, the Imperator says she's actually the Hades of Izanami.

CP 18

  • For some reason, Terumi and Hazama are in different bodies now. Hakumen encounters Terumi. Terumi says he was thinking about taking his body back and Hakumen says he intends to use this abomination a little longer. Trinity (in Platinum) is fighting Hazama elsewhere and stabs him, which somehow binds Terumi too. Hakumen uses "Time Killer" on the bound Terumi, killing Terumi. Hazama retaliates against Trinity and they fall off whatever they were fighting on. Jin appears and helps a weakened Hakumen destroy the foundation. They both use the same technique.
  • Valkenhayn drops in and fights Relius so Bang can take care of the Lynchpin. Rachel teleports them to the Lynchpin and Bang dramatically inserts the Nail. Seithr stops and the Imperator laments that Relius failed her. Take-Mikazuchi shuts down.
  • Rachel commands Ragna to use his IDEA Engine enhanced BlazBlue. If Celica can't nullify Ragna's Azure, neither can the Lynchpin. The Imperator lends her power to Take-Mikazuchi, but Ragna breaks into it. Ragna, with Celica and Minerva tagging along, enters Take-Mikazuchi and encounters Nu. Nu is sad that Ragna hates her even though she's the same as Noel. After merging with Noel, she knows Noel was supposed to have been smelted into the Black Beast in Ibukido back then by Sector Seven in order to defeat the Librarium. Black Beasts are born from combining the Murakumo Unit (the heart) and the Azure Grimoire (the body). In Ibukido, Noel was the Murakumo and Hazama was supposed to be the body. But they couldn't fuse because of how much Saya hated Terumi. So it was okay Take-Mikazuchi pulverized the operation. Ragna sees the story as Nu's cry for help to stop her. Ragna defeats Nu and they pull Nu out.
  • Carl allows Relius's group to escape. Relius tells Carl that he'll construct Ada.
  • Ragna's group comes out of Take-Mikazuchi. Ragna refuses to let Hakumen destroy Nu. The Imperator attacks. Hakumen's Time Killer has no effect on her as her time already ran out. Phantom teleports Hakumen away and then Ragna is defeated. Noel challenges the Imperator, who activates Ragna as the Black Beast. Jin has Minerva remove Celica from the battlefield. Noel and Jin face Ragna together.
  • The Imperator takes Nu back. She has Take-Mikazuchi turn into a large Black Ball called the Embryo. "The day of reckoning has now become the day we return to God... Only those chosen by the power of the Azure shall remain in this world. Tsukuyomi... The time has come to choose. Fulfill your destiny!" Rachel uses Tsukuyomi to protect the Master Unit. The Imperator asks why Rachel protects the girl, Rachel says it's because the world can be recreated and Rachel loves the world, however flawed it may be. The Imperator says she currently can't attack Amaterasu, but once all the entitled disappear, the Black Beast will consume all and the world will once more return to nothing. The Imperator says she will one day grant Rachel death. Rachel says she will one day grant the Imperator life.


  • Kokonoe and Kagura talk. The Imperator escaped. Hazama and Relius are MIA. Seithr disappeared, causing a ton of problems to the cities of the world. Take-Mikazuchi turned into a Black Sphere, which Rachel calls the Embryo. It seems to be consuming souls. The Master Unit still floats above Ibukido. Noel is injured, Jin is in critical condition, and Ragna disappeared.
  • Tsubaki leaves to carry out Jin's will: The deaths of Ragna and the Imperator. Rachel stops her. She says Ragna will die soon anyway and is shouldering a heavy burden. Rachel makes a request to Tsubaki as the wielder of Izayoi, the only blade that can destroy 'us' Chrono Phantasma. If Ragna dies before she can kill him, then Tsubaki must kill Rachel. That is the only way they can completely eradicate the evil within him.