Questions and Theories

And here we are. Up until now, I tried to stick to only hard facts and leave out any speculation. But if you bothered making it this far, you might have a lot of questions. In that case... a question and theories page! Why theories? Well, most of these questions don't have definitive answers, meaning I can only provide the ambiguous statements the series gives and my best interpretations. Also, I'm pretty tired of seeing these questions come up in forums without providing new ideas or interpretations. Hopefully this can cut back on retreading old arguments.

Q. What was going on in the series?

A. Haha, I totally understand this feeling. Even after making this whole site, I'm not sure I can answer correctly. Here's how I understand it, as heavily simplified as I can make it. Heavily, heavily simplified:

The god Amaterasu created the world and protected it with fellow gods Susano'o and Tsukuyomi. Susano'o came to hate Amaterasu and rebelled against her. But as long as he was Susano'o, he would always be bound to Amaterasu. So he abandoned his body and became a spirit named Terumi. As Terumi, he looked into ways to kill Amaterasu.

Humanity found Susanoo's body and used it to learn about Amaterasu. They saw Amaterasu as an object and learned how she worked. They made a robot called "The Origin" to try to hijack Amaterasu. "The Origin" hijacked Amaterasu, but in doing so gained sentience. The humans were afraid she would decide to use Amaterasu's power against them, so they tried to kill her. They failed and she used Amaterasu to recreate the world. Originally, Amaterasu let anything happen in the world. But now, only what "The Origin" wanted could happen. If someone tried to interfere with her desires, she would just rewind time. This caused there to be only one possible future that ended in the death of the world.

In the new world "The Origin" created, Ragna's sister would grow up to be "The Origin" reborn. Ragna's happy childhood was brutally ended by Terumi: Terumi killed the woman raising him, kidnapped his sister, made his brother crazy, burned down his home, and brutally left him for dead after cutting off his arm. Ragna survived and began a quest for revenge against Terumi, but he eventually decided he was more interested in saving his siblings and fixing the broken timeline.

Ragna saves his family and fixes the timeline by peacefully placating The Origin. Along the way, he ends up killing Terumi anyway. A new world is created with infinite possibilities again, no longer guided only by The Origin's desires.

That's was basically the overarching storyline, with lots of twists and turns and side characters and tons of techno/magic-babble. Haha, this summary is so short... it doesn't even seem like the same story. Maybe I over-simplified?

Q. What was up with that last conversation with Saya and Ragna? Who was that Saya?

A. I want to know this too!!! This is my number one question because I feel like it's the only confusing thread in Ragna's story!

Who was Ragna talking to at the Master Unit? After Noel is done with all her merging, he asks to talk to The Origin, but Noel gets all dodgy. Later, Ragna goes to the Master Unit and talks to someone he refers to as Saya. She is voiced by Izanami's voice actress. He says Kushinada's Lynchpin was modeled after "it" (I'm not sure if he's referring to the Master Unit or the thing that The Origin is stuck on.) His experience with talking to Tenjo let him know to talk to "Saya." Saya complains how she was lonely, how Ragna tried to kill her, and how he even turned into a black monster. Ragna said he didn't know another way to stop her. She asks why he wanted to stop her, she was just doing what she was told. She hated that world she was making, she just wanted to be with Ragna. Ragna says he's sorry and that they'll be together from now on. Those are the facts... the rest of what I'll write is heavy speculation.

Terumi made a comment that sounded like The Origin was the very first "monster" who Ragna didn't save. Jin says they should try to save Ragna by making him "Bloodedge" instead of "Brother." And then there's the whole business of Ragna being The Origin's dream. This really makes it sound like there's a deeper relationship than Ragna just being a possible Black Beast. In fact, it can lead to a theory that Ragna was The Origin's "brother" during the Prime Field War's original timeline. Most of us assume the "monster" Relius told Izanami about was Saya Terumi. Maybe The Origin was a converted Saya Terumi or gained Saya Terumi's soul in the Boundary. And her brother was made into the Black Beast at the end of that war. That would explain the name Saya, the Brother comments, and Ragna being the dream. You can do some mental gymnastics to explain why Naoto isn't treated as The Origin's Brother.

Another possible solution is that he's talking to Amaterasu. There's a clear theme of Ragna/Rachel/Tsukuyomi, Jin/Terumi/Hakumen/Susano'o, and Noel/Origin/Amaterasu. This Saya could be the deity Amaterasu recognizing her Brother/Husband, Tsukuyomi, in Ragna. I think this is kind of a stretch, but it plays off all the mythological subtexts BlazBlue likes to include.

But there's a much simpler answer. This is the one I lean towards, just because it leaves no hanging threads. I think this Saya is explained by Rachel's story of the Hero (Ragna) and Monster (The Origin) in Chrono Phantasma. The Origin may have just been waiting for a Hero to end her nightmare.

The Origin shares a voice with Izanami, who was identified as The Origin's drive. It would make sense for The Origin's soul to have the same voice as her drive. This makes me think Ragna is speaking with The Origin, not Noel or her "Sisters" or Saya.

The Origin is stuck on some giant cone. I think this is what Ragna was comparing to Kushinada's Lynchpin. I think humanity knew they couldn't outright kill The Origin after she gained a soul, so they attached her to this cone to trap her soul and disable her body... So when Noel merged with the body at the end, there was at least part of The Origin leftover in the cone. Although... I guess The Origin could have just as easily been leftover in the Master Unit itself.

Regardless. Noel suggests that all Prime Field Devices have a piece of The Origin's soul. So The Origin shares a soul with all the Devices and there's always been an implied connection between memories and souls. The Origin went through a ton of trauma during the Prime Field War and throughout the games. She was always attacked and beaten. She frequently rewound time seemingly out of fear. She has PTSD from the Prime Field War and a history of being abused throughout multiple bodies. In short, she lived a long time and went through a lot. I think that The Origin was just a schizophrenic mess by the end of Central Fiction, so she interpreted her Hero as her Brother based on her memories from Saya. I think Ragna was just humoring The Origin in the final dialogue by calling her Saya, although I also think Ragna genuinely cared about her and wanted to save her. The Origin wanted to be treated as human, so Ragna was treating her as human. It would be weird if he called her "The Origin."

Ragna said he originally had no Drive, even though he was the 'child' of No. 5. I think this might have made him a special existence. If you want a positive spin on The Origin, you could imagine that she specifically created Ragna (when she remade the world) to end her dream. She could have somehow been programmed with a dream for eternal peace (based off of some comments in Episode 8) and a Hero was the only loophole she could think of for getting around that dream.

So that's my preferred theory. Soooo much speculation. No good answer. I hope it gets officially cleared up as it's an annoying blot on the story.

Q. What does it mean that Ragna is Saya's dream?

A. I'm not sure either, but here are the facts: Jin explains to Noel that Ragna intends to erase the memory of himself from everyone. Ragna explains why. Nine said the world is a dream seen by The Origin, aka Saya. [Yes, Ragna uses the name Saya.] But that's technically wrong, this world is just a reconstruction, it's not actually the dream Saya is watching itself. Noel asks what the dream is. Ragna says a certain "place" gives the opportunity to start everything over. Noel isn't the dream because she doesn't always exist. [Earlier, Kokonoe suggested that Noel, The Origin recreated, was the common point between all possibilities. But Hakumen pointed out that she didn't exist in his original timeline.] But by stopping Ragna from becoming the Black Beast, Noel opened up a new possibility. "If a certain someone was gone, the world would end immediately." Ragna says that he is the actual dream watched by god. As long as he exists, Saya's dream will never end and the nightmare will ultimately be repeated forever. Ragna says even if a nightmare is bad, when you wake up, you can just forget about it. Jin says he'll just kill the existence of "Brother" so that Ragna can just exist as the "Bloodedge" instead. Jin fights Ragna to stop Ragna's dream, but fails.

The rest of this is speculation. When talking about the Origin's dream, I wrote down multiple topics the characters brought up. I don't know if they're separate or all the same thing:

1) In Ragna's "memory sequence" during Episode 8, humans give The Origin (or maybe it's actually Takamagahara? But the CGs showed them putting a Prime Field Device into the Cauldron and they had been talking about the Master Unit) the dream of a world of eternal peace. Ragna later says this got interpreted as a world where nothing exists after the Black Beast destroys it.

2) Nine says the Prime Field Devices just wanted to be recognized as humans. The Origin herself just yearned to exist, yearned for a human world. This matches Noel's "dream" of just wanting a normal life. As proof that this world is that realized dream, Noel asked what people thought of her. Everyone within reason see her as a human, but those outside of reason (Rachel / Terumi / etc) see her as a doll. Noel suggested it was Intervention that caused everyone to see her as human.

3) Ragna is Saya's dream. I guess this means he's what Saya (and by Saya, I mean The Origin) focuses on. I originally thought this was because Ragna could be used to destroy and reset the world by becoming the Black Beast, fulfilling (1). But later, in the final conversation with whatever Ragna talks to at the end, she says she was destroying the world because they "told" her to, but she really just wanted to be together with her brother. So does this mean Ragna himself, not as a Black Beast, was actually her desire? I discuss this question in the " What was up with that last conversation with Saya and Ragna? Who was that Saya?" question.

I'm not really sure what else to say on this. I hope it becomes clearer later.

Q. Is Ragna in the Master Unit?

A. Like most of the major mechanisms, I don't think it's clearly spelled out either way. Ragna says that as long as he exists, Saya's dream will never end because Ragna is the dream. Ragna collects up all the qualified's dreams. Then he very cryptically speaks to "Saya / The Origin." Ragna says he's sorry and that they'll be together from now on. It's implied he takes her dream (based on what he said to Noel in their last scene) and then he clearly activates the Master Unit. He commands it to erase this "nightmare" from the world and from all memory. Amane assures Ragna is wiped out of Takamagahara's system. Ragna says he'll return everyone's dreams to the Azure. The world that'll be created won't be affected by Intervention from Amaterasu or Takamagahara. Amane says, "Hope in the form of possibility, extending from all directions, in the past, present, and future... I've never seen a world reconstructed on such a large scale before... So this is the True Azure..." Ragna and Amane vanish and Ragna's sword is left in front of the Gate. The End of Ragna's scenes.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember anything else being said on this topic. So maybe Ragna is in the Master Unit, maybe he's just next to it, maybe he's in the Azure Horizon beyond the Gate, maybe he just wanders through worlds as a ghost (haha, that would be funny considering he's scared of ghosts.) Either way, the world isn't created off of his dreams... Ragna wasn't even Qualified.

There's no definitive answer to this question, but I really don't think that it matters either way.

Q. Is Ragna Dead? Is Ragna Alive?

A. It's clearly an intentionally open ending and you can't say anything definitively. Anytime a protagonist dies like this, fans will endlessly debate whether they're really dead or not, like with the space cowboy, flower girl, or cart driver. There's no definitive answer until more information is given. I do like the argument that if an author wanted to kill their hero, why leave an ambiguous scene at the end?

BlazBlue takes a lot of concepts from Japanese Mythology. Ragna is connected with Tsukuyomi and the Master Unit is Amaterasu. Traditionally, Tsukuyomi is Amaterasu's Brother/Husband and they live(d) together in heaven. So Ragna overlooking creation has that going for it, I guess.

But there are so many possibilities regarding Ragna's end status:

Maybe he just erased himself from the world's memory and still wanders around with no identity. Maybe he's out in the Boundary, watching over existence. Maybe he's the one that grabs his own sword.

Maybe he's in the Master Unit, actively shaping the world. Or maybe he's just letting all the dreams he's collected fight it out and he himself provides no input.

Maybe he completely wiped himself out of existence and is completely gone. He was looking pretty bad when he talked to Amane.

I think my most pessimistic theory is... remember at the end of Chrono Phantasma how Rachel said, "If Ragna dies before [Tsubaki] can kill him, then [Tsubaki] must kill [Rachel]. That's the only way we can completely eradicate the evil within him." I don't understand what that means. But Ragna left his sword behind and Rachel ties her ribbon to it after talking with Tsubaki about Tsubaki's unfinished business. The sword and ribbon are gone in the after credits scene, leaving the grave marker by itself (is that Celica's?). Maybe Tsubaki killed Rachel and that wipes the last remnant of Ragna (his sword) out of existence. I've heard a more optimistic explanation for this end scene where Tsubaki ends up not killing Rachel because Rachel doesn't remember Ragna.

Does the sword disappearing mean Ragna will come back? We don't know. We don't know at all, so please don't strongly argue either way. The epilogue scenes are made to be confusing. Don't fight over them, accept the ambiguity.

Q. Who was Terumi?

A. I don't think this answer is even up for debate. Terumi is unquestionably the god Susano'o. His profile on the official Central Fiction website said: "In a time as long as eternity, Susano'o protected Amaterasu together with Tsukuyomi. But through some cause, he began to have a will. After that, he began to hate being bound by the Master Unit and rebelled." In hindsight, there are several statements throughout the franchise that support this. And in Central Fiction, Trinity says that Terumi returned to his original body.

Ragna, as Amaterasu's chosen one and as Orochi, and Terumi, as one who hates Amaterasu and as Susano'o, were destined enemies. If they didn't properly face off, it would have been disappointing. I guess it's a "twist" that Susano'o was evil and Orochi was good. But then it's also a "twist" that Amaterasu has the personality of a scared little girl with PTSD.

Q. Why was Terumi so hard to kill? How did Terumi die?

A. I think this is pretty clear: Plot Devices. Haha, just kidding. Terumi was the god Susano'o. This made him immortal, tied him to the structure of the world, and just naturally made him hard to kill. He had no form and existed outside of reason, making him immune to most weapons. He also seemed to survive as long as people hated and feared him. His vessel, Hazama, had a life link with Mu. As long as Terumi was in Hazama and they stayed out of the Boundary, he couldn't be killed unless Mu was killed. Even in spirit form, Terumi is able to self Observe himself for a week.

But didn't Hakumen kill him? Susano'o was a god. Like Izanami, maybe Time Killer didn't work on him. Also, maybe the Susano'o Unit simply wasn't capable of killing its owner. My guess is that Hakumen just managed to temporarily injure Terumi's soul or destroy the materialization of the spirit that Trinity made. Terumi was definitely hurt by it, even Hazama stated that Terumi had grown weak. I've heard people say that at the start of Centralficiton, Terumi was self Observing himself until he managed to take a new vessel.

How was Terumi killed? Terumi left Hazama, so had no life links. Ragna and Jin executed a plot that made it so no one feared or hated him. He was in the Boundary, so he had even less protection. Jin, in the Susano'o Unit, used Hihiirokane against him, which should have been pretty effective. And then Ragna killed him at Azure Horizon. Terumi simply ran out of loopholes to take advantage of.

Can Terumi come back? Of course he can, if Mori feels like it. This isn't real life, it's just a story. But given the information we have, he should be dead for good. Of course, you could have said the same thing in Chrono Phantasma, but this death feels more final because Ragna was the one to kill him. Central Fiction is supposed to be the end of Ragna's story and Terumi was the direct cause of all of Ragna's problems.

Q. Did Nine go crazy and want to destroy the world for her sister?

A. I like how Nine was handled, so I want to defend her. Nine loved more than just her sister, at the very least the game shows Trinity and Jubei as other people she wanted to protect. But I think she actually wants to protect all the people of her time. She hates that the world loops for no reason, she hates that all her loved ones had tragic lives, and she hates they've had to constantly repeat those tragic lives. Her plan was to destroy the Master Unit, put in a new impartial God, and rewind time (presumably to her era so her loved ones could have happy lives.) The main cast, understandably, doesn't like that she wants to deny the present and possibly erase their existences. Nine gracefully accepts defeat (and she probably could have won), gives Ragna her support, and has a touching goodbye scene with Ragna, Celica, Trinity, and Jubei. She's also instrumental in defeating Izanami (by trapping her for a week.) She's not perfect, but I think she's definitely one of the more likable characters in this hyper selfish universe.

Q. Is Alpha-01 going to be in the next game?

A. Haha, a hot button topic for some people. Who knows, any answer is complete speculation. In case you don't know who "alpha No.01 -Α-pocalypse" is, it's a currently non-canon character the BlazBlue creator has drawn a few times: here, here, and here. Alpha looks like a hybrid of Ragna and Nu, she was shown to wield the Blood-Scythe in its scythe form, and according to a concept artwork, her right arm possesses the Soul Eater ability.

At the end of Centralfiction, this is shown. Awakening the Chaos is Nu's and Lambda's character theme. It's also the song that plays during the ending credit. This makes the phrase seem related to Murakumo. And then there's the Alpha symbol. So people are taking these to be hints (or in the worst cases, definitive proof) that the next work will include Alpha-01. But in reality, it's just a teaser for now and tells us absolutely nothing. But jumping on the speculation bandwagon, it would be cool if the next game took place around the Prime Field War and had all the same characters, but as different people.

Q. Is Tsubaki the new Hakumen?

A. Another hot button topic. There's not enough information to say either way. But there's absolutely not enough evidence to be definitively telling people Tsubaki is the new Hakumen.

Evidence for: Naoto says Hakumen reminds him of someone (a female having something to do with Justice), endscene Tsubaki has Ookami, you can't see endscene Tsubaki's body, she says the name 'Tsubaki Yayoi' is nostalgic.

Responses: Naoto doesn't have to be referring to Tsubaki, Ookami isn't part of the Susano'o Unit, Just because you can't see Tsubaki mean it's the Susano'o (ex: she could just be old), Not using 'Tsubaki Yayoi' doesn't mean she's Justice (ex: she could just be Tsubaki Kisaragi.) The biggest reason against Tsubaki being Hakumen is that Trinity disposed of the Susano'o Unit. Although it could have been retrieved, it kind of puts a damper on that solid goodbye.

The epilogue scenes are made to be confusing. Don't fight over them, accept the ambiguity.

Q. What is up with the Chrono Phantasma ending dialogue between Tsubaki and Rachel?

A. This is really not clear and I can't even begin to make a guess. Do Rachel and Ragna have a life link? Was there some sort of link because Rachel bit him in at least one timeline? Is this related to the Central Fiction ending dialogue between Tsubaki and Rachel? I literally have no idea.

Q. How does Saya Terumi fit in?

A. It's not clear. We'll probably find out if Bloodedge Experience continues. Most people are speculating that the "monster" Relius was telling Izanami about, the model for No. 5, was Saya Terumi. I know it's speculation, but I agree with them. There are way too many hints.

Q. What happened to Hazama?

A. He says there's still a future to look forward to and jumps into a Cauldron. He almost certainly didn't die. Naoto is initially adamant Hazama survived, his backtracking sounds like a lie. Hazama introduces himself in the epilogue of Bloodedge Experience 2. In arcade mode, Naoto says Hazama made his life hell, but Hazama doesn't recognize Naoto. Amane said Ragna created "Hope in the form of possibility, extending from all directions, in the past, present, and future... I've never seen a world reconstructed on such a large scale before... So this is the True Azure..." Es speculates that if she's the past, Naoto must be the future. So even if Naoto comes from the "past", it could easily be a recreated past due to CF's events, maybe this time with a happier ending than Naoto consuming his sister

Q. Is Hazama really Kazuma?

A. It's not clear, but I don't think he is. The only evidence that he is Kazuma is (1) He looks and acts the same and (2) Trinity keeps calling him Kazuma-san all the way until the end. The evidence he's not Kazuma is (1) He says he's not Kazuma and (2) It's unlikely that Kazuma's body would have survived after being thrown in the Boundary. Relius made Kazuma... if he made Hazama around the same time (something supports that thought, can't remember where), it's likely they would have looked the same. I mean, look at all of Relius's Prime Field Devices and dolls. And Trinity is probably too emotional to be trusted with telling two identical twins apart.

Personally, I think that Kazuma was a first draft vessel and Hazama was the actual intended vessel. Hazama has/is the Azure Grimoire and I believe he was intended to be fused with the Murakumo Relius was creating in order to create a Kusanagi. This is how I interpret the dream in Phase Shift 1 Part 4.

Q. What was going on with Naoto?

A. This is almost certainly a "read the next Bloodedge Experience to find out." I suspect that Bloodedge Experience takes place in the new world created in Central Fiction. I suspect that the original events ended tragically, with Naoto consuming Saya Terumi.

Q. Is Carl going to become Relius?

A. No idea, but I think it's highly, highly unlikely. But the game doesn't say either way. Even if Carl has similar traits to Relius, he disagrees with several of Relius's theories. Maybe he'll become like Relius, but I think Carl's motivation is pretty different. FYI, I think Carl is a pointless character and was pointless to Ragna's story.

Q. What happened to Relius? What was he trying to do?

A. I think this answer is pretty solid: He intends to make Ignis into a new Master Unit and then architect his own reality. During Central Fiction, he learns everything he can about making his own Master Unit and then goes into the Boundary for 'verification' with Ignis. Who knows what happens to him after that, it'll probably be addressed in a sequel. You want to know what I *hope* happens? I hope for a Central Fiction Extend story where Valkenhayn non-chalantly kills him in the Boundary on his way to pick up Rachel from Ragna (right before that hug scene.)

Q. What did Izanami want to do?

A. I think this answer is pretty solid and cleared up in her CF arcade mode: Even though she's a Drive, Izanami has a desire. Izanami wants to end existence. She wants to reduce existence to one possible world and then she wants to destroy that world via Doomsday: Cause everything to become Seithr. Then, for the rest of eternity, existence will just be Seithr, nothingness. This seems pretty similar to Sechs's goal.

Q. Why is Rachel freaked out about Ragna and Naoto meeting? Why is Es adamant that Naoto shouldn't touch the Gate?

A. Naoto is from a world that results from the BlazBlue world. They're scared of Naoto creating a paradox. Rachel says Naoto is the same existence as Ragna. She might be scared that the world will decide Naoto is real and erase Ragna for being fake.

Theory: The original timeline is our world.

I strongly think the original timeline (that leads to the Prime Field War) is supposed to be our world. If there's magic, nobody knows about it. The gods (Amaterasu, Susano'o, Tsukuyomi, Kukurihime) are real, but whereas ancient humanity just saw them as gods, BlazBlue scientists see them as objects because they can analyze them with science. So all the magic and science in the BlazBlue series just explains how our world "really" works.

Relius says that while The Origin created the world they're currently in, the Master Unit must have created the original world. But once humans discovered the Master Unit, they treated it as an object just because they realized they could use it. This is really similar to how Relius treats souls just as objects. Just because the Sankishin can be used doesn't mean they can't also be the ancient Shinto deities. Susano'o has his own will and Ragna implies the Master Unit has its own will towards the end of the game. I wonder if Tsukuyomi does too. Maybe it's related to the Alucard clan.

Anyway, there are clear twists on how the Shinto concepts are portrayed. Ragna, as Amaterasu's chosen one and as Orochi, and Terumi, as one who hates Amaterasu and as Susano'o, were destined enemies. It's a "twist" that Susano'o was evil and Orochi was good. And it's also a "twist" that Amaterasu has the personality of a scared little girl with PTSD.

There's also another theme of Ragna/Tsukuyomi, Jin/Susano'o, and Noel/Amaterasu. They kind of match the sibling dynamics.

Theory: My Grand Unified Theory

Haha, this is my grand unified BlazBlue universe theory, liable to fall apart whenever Mori releases a smidgen of new information. I really want to know what you guys think of this. And this should go without saying but... this is like 95% speculation.

  • The Master Unit, Amaterasu, creates the world. Tsukuyomi and Susano'o protect Amaterasu and manage reality. At some point, Susano'o gains a will and learns he hates being bound to Amaterasu.
  • During the Age of Origin a huge war is fought across universes. I think Humanity either fights the gods or participates in a fight between the gods. The Azure Shrine Maiden story could have been involved. Either way, this war is bigger than a war that ends with the end of the world. Many fantastic weapons, such as the Hihiirokane, are developed because the enemies come from the Boundary. The enemies are deities, mythical creatures, and maybe even a Black Beast. The Alucard family is involved in this war and gain control of Tsukuyomi (assuming they aren't Tsukuyomi to begin with.)
  • Susano'o abandons his body (the Susano'o Unit) deep underground in Japan. He searches for a way to become free from Amaterasu and takes the name Terumi.
  • Humanity discovers the abandoned Susano'o Unit. From it, they discover the Cauldron, the Boundary, and ultimately learn about the existence of the Master Unit. Humanity decides to create a system that will guarantee Eternal Peace in the world.
  • Prime Field Devices are developed to explore the Boundary. Based off their findings, humanity tries to figure out how to make their own Master Unit.
  • XBlaze: (2050s) Humanity develops the Takamagahara System exactly according to the events of in XBlaze. The Wadatsumi Vanish Incident happens, leading to Takamagahara being incomplete.
  • More advanced, human-like Prime Field Devices are developed to contact the Master Unit. A device we'll call The Origin finds the Master Unit and gains the Eye as well as a soul (giving her sentience.) This freaks out humanity because they're scared she'll decide to use her powers against them. They stab her, seal her, and throw her back into the Boundary. The Origin somehow survives and makes it back to the Master Unit.
  • The Origin shares a soul with every Prime Field Device. All the Prime Field Devices just want to be treated as humans, but humanity is scared of them and can't accept them. Humanity performs heinous experiments to create Prime Field Devices that won't gain sentience. These experiments disgust The Origin, who retaliates with a war against humanity. Even though they're outnumbered, the Prime Field Devices have Intervention and out-of-reason powers, so they are favored to win. Clavis helps humanity develop weapons to fight the Prime Field Devices because he doesn't want humanity to be wiped out. These weapons include Izayoi and the Legacy Weapons. These weapons aren't enough to win the war.
  • Terumi sees this as an opportunity to kill Amaterasu. With Terumi's help, humanity devises a plan to win the war. They complete Takamagahara by giving it a small piece of the Azure. They create a Black Beast to destroy the entire world. They intend to rely on Takamagahara to wind back time after all the Prime Field Devices, including the Origin, are killed.
  • The Black Beast ends the world, destroying everything except The Origin. But before The Origin can be destroyed, she defies expectations and uses all the newly released Seithr to reconstruct the world. Humanity always believed The Origin wanted to wipe them out. The Origin actually wants a world where she can live in peace. The Takamagahara System allows her to rebuild the world because her dream fulfills its mission of ensuring the world exists.
  • The Origin dreams of a Hero that will make all her desires come true. And thus the world is reborn starting from 2100, using all the same souls and places that existed in the old world. But The Origin's mind is so warped from trauma (the abuse she's experienced, PTSD from the war, the tragedies she's endured) that she ends up desiring her Hero to become a Black Beast and destroy the world, thereby giving it eternal peace. Whenever the possibility of a Black Beast goes away, she resets time. Whenever the possibility of a Black Beast is inevitable, Takamagahara forces her to reset time. And thus, instead of a world of infinite possibilities, there is only the possibility of Ragna becoming the Black Beast. A suppressed part of The Origin just wants to be saved and so Ragna also has the slim possibility to end her dream by either killing or saving her.
  • Rewritten History: The Wadatsumi Vanish Incident didn't happen, so the Takamagahara System is fully functional. It's still weaker than the Master Unit. Es loses her place in history, but still exists because of her relationship to the Azure. She becomes the guardian of the Gate.
  • Rewritten History: Valkenhayn is created to kill Clavis, but ends up serving him. Saya Terumi is born with the powers to amplify seithr and consume souls. Her brother (Naoto Terumi) somehow obtains the Original Grimoire. He ultimately becomes the Black Beast and consumes her while Relius watches. Clavis uses a lot of his Onlooker powers to destroy Naoto. Because he Intervened, he begins to die. Clavis creates Rachel in the Boundary to succeed him.
  • Rewritten History: Terumi has Relius and Ayatsuki try to create a Kusanagi for him, which are different from the Prime Field Devices meant to explore the Boundary in the original timeline. This is Terumi's latest scheme to kill Amaterasu.
  • The rebuilt world begins in 2100. A timeloop happens in 2199 whenever (1) Ragna becomes the Black Beast and Takamagahara forces a resets, (2) Ragna loses the possibility to become a Black Beast and Master Unit forces a reset.
  • Relius accidentally releases the Black Beast from 2199 and loses Alpha 01. The Dark War happens as described.
  • The Ikaruga Civil War happens as described.
  • Someone creates a perfect clone of Saya Terumi, Prime Field Device Eplison 05. Relius creates children from it: Saya, Ragna, and Jin. Ragna has the possibility of ending The Origin's world, either through destruction or salvation. Izanami, The Origin's desire to end the world and give it eternal peace, is given Saya's body. The Origin herself is reborn as a girl named Noel.
  • Calamity Trigger happens. The timeloop is broken when Noel, The Origin reborn, saves Ragna. Neither Takamagahara or Master Unit reset time over this. This suddenly creates infinite possibilities again.
  • Continuum Shift happens. The events in this game again causes there to be only one possibility: The end of the world.
  • Chrono Phantasma happens.
  • Central Fiction happens. Ragna kills Terumi once and for all. Ragna saves his siblings, Jin and Saya, and puts forth a plan to protect their world. Ragna ends The Origin's dream without killing her. Ragna collects the dreams of all the entitled/chosen/qualified so that the Master Unit isn't guided by only one dream. This once again opens infinite possibilities. Because Ragna is the subject of The Origin's dream and he refuses to kill her, he's forced to disappear in order to allow her dream to end.
  • A new world is created. History is modified to make Bloodedge Experience happen. Hazama, who escaped into the Boundary from the BlazBlue world, pops out here. This time, Naoto will save his sister and survive, with the help of Raquel Alucard.

Note: I did also have a theory about The Origin being related to Saya Terumi (either Saya Terumi herself is converted into a Prime Field Device or the soul The Origin gains after entering the Boundary is Saya Terumi's soul.) Her brother, Naoto, becomes the Black Beast at the end of that timeline. Like Noel ends up being The Origin reborn via the seithr released by Take-Mikazuchi, Ragna becomes the brother reborn based on the seithr released when fusing with the Azure Grimoire. In the end, I didn't feel there was enough lore to support that theory. But it does make the relationship between Ragna and The Origin stronger.