Timeline Part Six: Chrono Phantasma

* Note: I made a ridiculously detailed digest of Chronophantasm here if you'd rather read that. *

AD 2200/01

  • Jin becomes Jubei's pupil to learn to control the Power of Order.
  • Kokonoe and Kagura formulate a plan: Their goal is to kill the Imperator and covertly replace her with Homura. Then they can make the world a better place. Kokonoe will bring Celica to the present to activate Kushinada's Lynchpin, which can be used to kill the Imperator. They have to tread carefully because the Imperator's group can Intervene (turn back time) on most events and they have intricate plans of their own. If all plans fail, Kokonoe is just going to release all the nukes she's been stockpiling.
  • Relius creates a giant black monolith in Ikaruga to collect Seithr. This is similar to the monolith in the Cathedral that Hazama used to absorb all the souls from the Kagutsuchi branch.
  • The Imperator, Relius, and Terumi formulate a plan: Their goal is to kill the Master Unit. To do this, they'll use Takamagahara to relentlessly cause Phenomenon Interventions, which will force the Master Unit to come to the Edge to perform counter-Phenomenon Interventions. Then they will use Nu, who will need to become a Successor to Azure, to Observe the Master Unit. Finally, they’ll use Take-Mikazuchi, powered via the souls of all the living people in the area and collected by the black monolith, to destroy the Master Unit. The Imperator wants a world without Interventions where all actions are final and everything will die. Relius wants to rearchitect the universe.
  • Litchi, working with the NOL, continues development of the liquid seithr theory in an attempt to save Arakune. The theory is that one can create something out of Seithr and then Observe it to make it real. Litchi reaches the point where one can deteriorate something back into Seithr, but not the point where one can form something out of Seithr.

AD 2200/02

  • Noel, Makoto and Tager head towards the 6th Hierarchical City of Yabiko.
  • Due to receiving the credit for fending off Ragna and saving the Imperator, Tsubaki is promoted to Major. Tsubaki is still under the Mind Eater curse.
  • The Sector Seven Committee releases Azrael from his prison and orders him to collect the Azure Grimoire, kill Ragna, kill Tager, and kill Kokonoe. Kokonoe escapes to Kagura's side and they start to publically cooperate with each other.
  • Celica’s soul (from right after the Dark War) is copied into the present and put into an articial body by Kokonoe. This makes Celica a Chrono Phantasma. Celica’s soul has the innate power to nullify Seithr. Kokonoe plans to use this power to kill the Imperator and Terumi.
  • Carl joins Relius in the hopes of bringing Ada back to life.
  • Bullet enters Ikaruga chasing after rumours of Kokonoe and Relius.
  • Platinum is brought to Rachel's Castle and Trinity takes over. Jubei, Hakumen, Valkenhayn, Trinity, Rachel, and Celica work together to kill Terumi. By using Muchorin, they can forcibly give Terumi's spirit body a physical form, which they can then kill. They succeed in giving Terumi a body, but then Phantom teleports Hazama and Terumi away. But they succeeded in making Hazuma and Terumi separate beings.
  • Ragna, Jin, Makoto, and Noel join forces with Kagura and Kokonoe. Kagura intends to kill the Imperator and have Homura secretly take her place. Then they can fix everything that's wrong with the world.
  • Kagura reunites Bang with Homura and reveals the secrets of the Ikaruga War to Bang. Kagura tells Bang that Bang holds the key to activating Kushinada's Lynchpin and can decide who uses the Lynchpin.
  • Rachel teaches Noel to use the Azure.
  • Kagura, pretending he's captured Ragna, holds the "Battle of Ragna the Bloodedge" tournament to lure Tsubaki and Azrael into a location that can't be Intervened by Takamagahara (due to how many people are watching the tournament.) Azrael bursts into the tournament, but he is ultimately trapped in a dimensional prison by Kokonoe. Noel Observes the final form of Izayoi into existence. Tsubaki is freed from the Imperator's control by the combined efforts of Noel, Makoto, and Jin using the Power of Order.
  • Rachel/Celica/Noel combine their efforts to send Ragna on a journey back to the Dark War (AD 2106) through the Boundary. He returns after he has experienced the battle with the Black Beast. He now knows how to use Kushinada's Lynchpin. Rachel's actions here count as Intervening again, costing her even more of her power.
  • The Imperator has Phantom destroy the Takamagahara System. The Phenomenon Interventions on Ikaruga stops. The Imperator makes the statement to the entire world that Homura is the new Imperator, but that she's about to destroy the world. The Imperator reveals herself as Izanami and opens all the world's Cauldrons. The Seithr that pours out drains the life out of the people and gathers to the black monolith in Ikaruga.
  • Ragna refuses to let Kokonoe activate Kushinada's Lynchpin with Celica's soul, even after Kokonoe explains Celica's body will only last six months anyway. Everyone eventually realizes Bang's Nox Nyctores contains Tenjo's soul and it can be used in place of Celica. Ragna leads a group to activate the Lynchpin, but they're stopped by Relius, Hazama, Terumi, Carl, Nu, and Litchi.
  • Nu successfully links with Noel in order to share the "Successor of the Azure" trait, making her a Kusanagi too. Nu successfully Observes Master Unit Amaterasu.
  • The Imperator brings Take-Mikazuchi down out of orbit. There's enough Seithr so that it doesn't need four years to charge between shots. Nu merges with Take-Mikazuchi and attacks the Master Unit. Rachel guards the Master Unit with Tsukuyomi Unit.
  • Trinity stabs Hazama, which somehow also binds Terumi. Hakumen is able to use his Time Killer attack to defeat Terumi. Hakumen and Jin destroy the black monolith.
  • Valkenhayn shows up and fights Relius, which allows Bang to successfully activate Kushinada's Lynchpin. Due to the current circumstances, the Lynchpin is thrown into the Boundary, negating most Seithr and Ars Magus around the world. Take-Mikazuchi shuts down.
  • Ragna, Celica, and Minerva extract Nu from Take-Mikazuchi and Take-Mikazuchi stops moving. The Imperator makes Ragna's Azure Grimoire go berserk, turning him into a Black Beast. Noel and Jin are heavily wounded trying to stop Ragna.
  • All the Imperator's forces escape. Seithr disappears, causing a ton of problems to the cities of the world. Take-Mikazuchi turned into a Black Sphere, which Rachel calls the Embryo. It seems to still be consuming souls. The Master Unit still floats above Ikaruga. Jin is in critical condition and Ragna is MIA. Tsubaki swears to kill Ragna and the Imperator.
  • Rachel and Noel are able to help Lambda restore herself inside the Embryo. (Lambda Arcade Mode)

And finally, a brief description of two characters who’ll appear in Central Fiction.

Es: Es comes from the XBlaze world. The XBlaze world is one of the alternate universes connected to the Boundary and probably takes place in the 2050s. The XBlaze stories are largely about the circumstances of creating the Takamagahara System. In XBlaze, it seems the creation of the Takamagahara System fails and there is a huge fallout. Es has a similar background to Noel: She’s an artificial being, created to be the heart of the Takamagahara System. Es is an acronym for ‘Embryo Storage’. She can be guided by the will of the Azure. At the end of the first XBlaze game, she lives in the Boundary and uses Phenomenon Interventions to keep her world safe. At the end of the second game, she rejoins her world as a human. Es has the personality of a loyal soldier who slightly softens up over the course of her games. It’s unclear whether Central Fiction’s Es will be the XBlaze Es.

Naoto Kurogane: Naoto comes from the Bloodedge Experience world. Bloodedge Experience seems to take place in one of the alternate universes connected to the Boundary. The Bloodedge Experience world seems almost identical to the BlazBlue mainline (although the story itself takes place before the Dark War, maybe somewhere between 2070 and 2095.) Rachel Alucard doesn't appear, but there's a 16-year-old looking Raquel Alucard. Raquel is in search of the Azure. Naoto, who has the special ability to see people’s life force, is fatally injured. Raquel bites him to save his life and he ends up basically serving her. During their adventures, they encounter Valkenhayn, Relius, and Clavis. A young man named Hazama appears in the epilogue of volume 2. Naoto has the personality of a very straightforward shonen hero. Naoto has a sister named Saya Terumi who killed their clan and wants to kill Naoto too.