Timeline Part Two: The Dark War

December 31, AD 2099

  • Jubei is hired to recover the Prime Field Device Relius and Ayatsuki are developing, but he's too late. (Phase Shift 0)
  • Relius and Ayatsuki attempt to create a Kusanagi in the First District's Cauldron. They fail, lose the Prime Field Device in the Boundary, and release the Black Beast (which is a fused Ragna and Nu who fell into the Cauldron during a future AD 2199 and travelled back in time through the Boundary.) Terumi loses his vessel and damages his spiritual body. (It will take Terumi five years before he heal his spirit enough to take another body. Terumi losing his body may have taken place in a previous trial experiment... the Phase Shift novels aren't very clear.) Relius is swallowed by the Cauldron. (Relius ends up traveling through the Boundary and sees the true form of souls. From here on, he starts seeing people as mere objects. He eventually gets spit out in the future, around 2180.) Ayatsuki is trapped near the Cauldron and eventually finishes developing Kushinada’s Lynchpin, a soul-powered device that can nullify Seithr. He hopes it can be used to close the Cauldron and destroy the Black Beast. (Phase Shift 0)

AD 2100

* NOTE: Starting Point of the Calamity Trigger Timeloop *

* NOTE: Start “First War of Ars Magus, the Dark War” *

  • The Black Beast appears in Japan, and the First War of Ars Magus begins.
  • A crippled Jin Kisaragi (who fell into the Cauldron during a future AD 2199 and travelled back in time through the Boundary), is found by Rachel Alucard. Jin receives the Susano'o Unit from the Alucard Clan and becomes Hakumen (he appears as a White Susano'o). He tries to fight against the Black Beast alone, but is defeated. (Phase Shift 2)
  • Nuclear attacks are used against the Black Beast. The attacks don’t damage the Black Beast, but they destroy Japan.
  • Jubei's clan, living in the mountains of Japan, are wiped out. (Phase Shift 1)
  • The Black Beast begins invading Eurasia. (Material Works)

AD 2106

  • The Kaka tribe are created based off of Jubei's genes in order to fight the Black Beast. They are lead by Munefuyu, Jubei's younger brother. (This may have happened some years earlier)
  • Konoe Mercury becomes Ten Sage Nine. (Phase Shift 1)
  • Tomonori is tasked by Clavis Alucard to prevent Terumi from contacting Kazuma. Against Clavis's wishes, Tomonori decides to just kill Kazuma. (Phase Shift 1)
  • Kazuma Kval, the artificial body Relius created for Terumi, has been living an unassuming life in Ishana. He has little ambition and is friends with Trinity. He searches for Ishana's Cauldron after Tomonori tries to kill him. At the Cauldron, Kazuma understands he was created to be Terumi's vessel and gleefully chooses to fuse with Terumi. Terumi kills Tomonori. The weakened Terumi/Kazuma is captured by Valkenhayn and imprisoned by Clavis Alucard. (Phase Shift 1)
  • Celica, Nine's beloved sister with natural born healing magic and an automatic ability to nullify Seithr, sneaks out of Ishana to try to find her father. (Phase Shift 0 / 1)
  • Jubei is hired by Clavis Alucard to locate Shuichiro Ayatsuki. (Phase Shift 0)
  • Ragna travels back in time from February 2200 to December 2106, but loses his memories in the process. He's found by Celica. Ragna, Celica, Nine, Trinity, and Jubei eventually travel together in search of Celica and Nine’s father, Shuichiro. They ultimately discover Kushinada's Lynchpin near the Cauldron of the First Area. The Lynchpin can stop all Seithr, and therefore the Black Beast, but it specifically requires Celica's soul to power it. The Lynchpin will only be active while Celica's soul is 'alive,' which should be about five years. Nine is strongly against Celica sacrificing herself.
  • The Black Beast suddenly appears near the group. Ragna's memories abruptly return due to his proximity to the Cauldron (possibly by talking to Rachel from 2200.) He tells the group that he can put the Black Beast to sleep for one year. During that time, the others can come up with a strategy to defeat the Beast without needing to sacrifice Celica. Ragna entrusts his clothes and sword to Celica and Jubei. (Phase Shift 0)
  • Ragna the Bloodedge gets swallowed by the Black Beast and stops it for one year by fighting it from the inside. (Phase Shift 0)

AD 2107

  • Clavis Alucard dies and Rachel takes over the Alucard Clan. (Phase Shift 1)
  • In January, Nine retrieves Terumi from the Alucard Clan. Nine uses a spell called Mind Eater to forcibly control Terumi. Before Mind Eater is cast, Terumi unfuses his mind into separate Terumi and Kazuma parts so that only the Terumi part is affected by Mind Eater. (Phase Shift 1 / 4)
  • Six warriors (Hakumen, Nine, Jubei, Trinity, Valkenheyn, Terumi) gather, dedicated to killing the Black Beast. They will later be known as the Six Heroes. (Phase Shift 2)
  • Nine leads the war effort, the design of Ars Magus, and the design of Nox Nyctores. She spreads the knowledge of Sorcery to the entire world. She relies heavily on Terumi's vast knowledge. (Phase Shift 2)
  • The Orbis Librarius Norma is established to help develop Ars Armagus and manage Grimoires. (Material Collection)
  • Nine develops Nirvana and other weapons for the Six Heroes. Seven and Eight (with the OLN and Terumi's secret help) try to complete Take-Mikazuchi, but Nine shuts down their development because they intend to use Celica as its core. (Phase Shift 2)

December 31, AD 2107

  • The Black Beast reawakens and continues its activity. (Phase Shift 2)
  • Eurasia vainly tries to fight back against the Black Beast. (Phase Shift 2)
  • The use of Ars Magus is officially initiated. Against Nine's wishes, Take-Mikazuchi drains some of Celica's magic to fire a blast that is able to repel the Black Beast. (Phase Shift 2)

AD 2108 to AD 2109

  • Nine loses authority over the war efforts. The Orbis Librarius Norma gains full control over managing Grimoires. (Phase Shift 3)
  • Seven and Eight try to complete Take-Mikazuchi. They originally try to use Celica and the Six Heroes as the core, but eventually give up and decide to use random souls instead. They lure thousands of people to a city and have Take-Mizakuchi devour them, fully powering up its core. (Phase Shift 3)
  • When the Black Beast launches a sneak back-attack to destroy Take-Mikazuchi, Seven and Eight teleport Take-Mikazuchi to Ishana. A piece of the Black Beast teleports with it, allowing the Black Beast to discover Ishana. (Ishana has (1) a barrier that keeps out Seithr and (2) Celica who nullifies Seithr, so Ishana was previously invisible to the Black Beast.) (Phase Shift 3)
  • The Black Beast marches towards Ishana. Nine rushes to complete the remaining seven Nox Nyctores by breaking up part of Take-Mikazuchi's core. The other Six Heroes and their allies try to stall the Black Beast (Phase Shift 4).
  • Ayame Yayoi wields Izayoi to allow the army to retreat after the Black Beast lures them in a trap. She dies from wounds later that night. (Phase Shift 4)
  • Rachel gives Jubei some items to use to assassinate Terumi. Tomonori's eye, that saw Terumi's true form, becomes Jubei's artificial eye and Hihiirokane, their clan's ancient special sword that can cut Terumi's spirit, becomes Jubei's sword. (Phase Shift 4)
  • The Heroes's forces are able to stall the Black Beast at great cost. Nine completes the Nox Nyctores and distributes them. (Phase Shift 4)

December 31, AD 2109

  • The Six Heroes and their allies engage the Black Beast. Ragna has been fighting Nu inside the Black Beast this entire time (although time moves differently in there, so it wasn't a year for him.) Jubei uses Hihiirokane to send Celica and Nirvana into the Black Beast to help Ragna. Ragna kills Nu from the inside. Rachel appears to teleport Celica back outside and send Ragna back to AD 2200. Hakumen decapitates the Black Beast from the outside. This satisfies the life-link condition between Nu and Ragna, so the Black Beast is killed. (Phase Shift 4)
  • The Seithr the Black Beast was made of spreads throughout the world like a poisonous mist. (Phase Shift 4)

AD 2110 (-ish, most likely spans a few years)

  • The Six Warriors are now called the Six Heroes.
  • Hihiirokane is returned to Rachel.
  • Rachel goes into a deep sleep.
  • Nirvana brings Celica to the Cauldron in Ishana, which unknowingly allows Celica to become a Chronophantasma in the future. (Phase Shift 4)
  • Celica starts a church on the spot the Black Beast died. Her presence will suppress the Black Beast's remains and she feels closer to Ragna by doing this. (Phase Shift 4)
  • Jubei and Nine marry. Nine gives birth to their child, Kokonoe.
  • Seven has Eight steal Yukianesa. The sword kills Eight and Seven covertly takes it for himself. Seven goes MIA. (Phase Shift 4)
  • The Duodecim (major families that contributed during the war) gain more authority than the Ten Sages. (Chrono Phantasma)
  • Nine asks for the destruction of the Nox Nyctores, but the OLN decide to seal them instead. Take-Mikazuchi is sent in orbit. Bolverk and Yukianesa go missing. Some of the other Nox Nyctores, at least Jubei's and Hakumen's Noxes, have their cores removed. Jubei and Hakumen don't like the Noxes being de-cored before they're all accounted for. They don't know how they would combat the missing Noxes if they ever turned up. (Chrono Phantasma)
  • Hakumen and Jubei try to find and close the world's Cauldrons, which are spreading toxic Seithr around the world. Valkenhayn returns to Alucard Castle. Trinity, Nine, and Terumi run missions from the Mage's Guild. (Chrono Phantasma)
  • Nine thinks the development of Ars Magus was far too easy and there were far too many convenient coincidences. She does a lot of research. She learns about the Prime Field War and The Origin. Disgusted at how twisted the timeline is, she begins development of another Nox Nyctores to replace The Origin with an impartial God. She does not complete it. (Central Fiction)
  • Terumi has been able to scheme against the Six Heroes by giving Kazuma control of their body. Kazuma tricks his old academy friend Trinity into releasing Nine's Mind Eater curse. Now free, Terumi kills Nine and Trinity by throwing them into the Boundary. Trinity is able to seal her own soul into Muchorin before being killed. (Phase Shift 4)
  • Terumi tries to kill Jubei and Hakumen. Jubei materializes Terumi using Tomonori's eye, which allows Hakumen to perform a suicide attack that seals both Hakumen and Terumi in the Boundary. (Phase Shift 4)
  • The whereabouts of the Six Heroes becomes unknown.
  • A depressed Jubei leaves Kokonoe under the care of the Orbis Librarius Norma while he travels the world to finish Nine's work of destroying the Nox Nyctores, ridding the world of Seithr, and keeping the world safe. (Chrono Phantasma)
  • At the end of the Dark War, the world's population is decreased by half of the amount it had before the appearance of the Black Beast.

* NOTE: End “First War of Ars Magus, the Dark War” *

AD 2111

  • Businesses that utilize Ars Magus are established. (Material Works)
  • Hierarchical Cities are established in order for humanity to escape from thick Seithr. (Material Works)
  • The Orbis Librarius Norma merges with the Mage's Guild and is renamed to the Novus Orbis Librarium (NOL). The NOL begins militarizing itself under the pretense of guarding Grimoires.

AD 2112 to AD 2190

  • The ecosystem of the world collapses and new creatures start appearing. The NOL sends forces to destroy them. (Material Works)
  • 23 Hierarchical Cities are developed and the Novus Orbis Librarium puts them all under their control. (Material Works)
  • The preference of high adapters of Ars Magus begins and some citizens start showing dissatisfaction. (Material Works)
  • Even without Relius, Prime Field Devices continue to be created. Someone creates No. 5, a perfect duplicate of the girl who could amplify Seithr indefinitely. (Central Fiction)
  • Kokonoe ends up renouncing magic and becoming a lead scientist for Sector Seven. She becomes NOL's first SS-Class criminal, but erases all records of herself. (Central Fiction)
  • Tenjo Amanohokosaka becomes the Imperator of NOL. The Imperator’s true identity isn’t common knowledge.
  • (2180-ish) Relius emerges from the Boundary.
  • (2190) The Takamagahara System frees Terumi from the Boundary by becoming his Observer. They (the AI modules) want to use Terumi to help them destroy the Master Unit so that they can have full control over time. They rig it so that Terumi can't take physical form for more than a week.
  • Relius marries Ignis and has two children: Ada and Carl
  • Jubei spends a lot of time hunting down research facilities and preventing the creation of more Murakumo Units. In the case that the Units were already created, he destroys them. (Central Fiction)
  • Relius discovers No. 5 and creates three "children" from it: Saya, Ragna, and Jin. Jubei rescues the three siblings and destroys No. 5 so thoroughly, not a trace is left. Relius can not recreate No. 5. (Central Fiction)
  • Jubei leaves Saya, Ragna, and Jin with Celica at her church where they become a makeshift family. (Central Fiction)
  • Relius once again teams up with Terumi to create a Kusanagi. They scheme to start a war in order to gather enough souls. This ends up being the Ikaruga Civil War. Terumi ends up controlling both NOL and Sector Seven (both of which he may have founded in the first place.)